Kwik Sweep Internationalises the #DumpTrump Movement

Kwik Sweep, the innovative waste disposal service is internationalising the #DumpTrump movement by creating its own tongue in cheek video that shows with its app you can throw away any rubbish, including the controversial US Presidential candidate.

Earl Mensah CEO of Kwik Sweep said, “We thought the video would be a fun way to show international support for the #DumpTrump movement and it shows that with our app, you can throw away any rubbish you need to.”

The video depicts one disgruntled women hearing a Trump speech before using the Kwik Sweep app and booking a waste disposal for the day he arrives in London. It then shows two of Earl’s employees throwing Donald in the back of the Kwik Sweep van to be trashed.

Support for the #DumpTrump movement is growing throughout America. It has been strengthened by the recent Republican Convention, where many protestors turned out to oppose Trump’s nomination.

Earl added, “Donald Trump has been widely criticised for his policies and we wanted to show that even rubbish ideas like his could be thrown in the rubbish.”

Donald Trump has been criticised on a number of issues including his treatment of women, his proposed ban on Muslims and the stereotypes of Mexicans he has publicly endorsed.

Available on both Android and iOS, the Kwik Sweep app is a revolutionary way of having excess household waste removed. Users simply snap a picture or take a video of their rubbish and send it in, they will then be offered a quote and a time for collection. Alternatively, users can just book a time for collection without a quote.

The video can be viewed on YouTube by following this link

More information about Kwik Sweep and the app can be found here


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KwikSweep is a waste and recycling collection service. Providing a cost-effective on demand waste removal service throughout London which is available at the click of a button. With a strong commitment to the environment you can rest assured that waste will be disposed of in a responsible manner. 



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