Kwik Sweep Launch Summer Events Litter Picking Service

The summer is a time for festivals and carnivals but what happens to the rubbish when everyone leaves? The waste disposal service, Kwick Sweep has announced the launch of its own event litter picking service after running successful trials last year.

During the 2015 test runs, Kwik Sweep successfully worked with Red Bull, Amazon and a number of local authorities to remove litter and waste following a public event. The trials proved that the Kwik Sweep team is more than capable of handling everything an event can throw at them, with efficient waste management and recycling ensuring rubbish left behind is collected, sorted and recycled where possible rather than sent to landfill .

Music festivals are a major source of rubbish. Reading Festival for example has a major rubbish problem - out of all the waste left at the last Festival, more than 20 tonnes was recyclable. If other festivals have similar waste problems, then more needs to be done to ensure useful waste does not end up in landfill.

Earl Mensah CEO of Kwik Sweep said, “I am really excited to be offering this service to more customers. We trialled it the last summer and the results were so positive, and feedback so encouraging from our clients, that we are proud to say it’s now here to stay.

 “Waste at events if often overlooked by attendees. They buy drinks and food all day but are often too immersed in the music or special event that they don’t practise the same waste management they would adopt at home such as throwing plastic drinks bottles in a recycling receptacle rather than discarding with other litter. It is thanks to services like ours that they have a great day out and are not surrounded by rubbish.”

Kwik Sweep offers 24-hour waste clearance for a variety of events, including private corporate events. Its dedicated team of litter pickers is on hand to clean up both during and after events. The company will also provide and empty recycling facilities and bins.

As well as providing on-site recycling facilities, Kwik Sweep will also undertake recycling audits. This will allow all waste from an event to be properly accounted for. At many events this forms a key part of the licensing agreement.

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Kwik Sweep is a waste and recycling collection service. Providing a cost-effective on demand waste removal service throughout London which is available at the click of a button. With a strong commitment to the environment you can rest assured that waste will be disposed of in a responsible manner. 



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