L A Noble Gallery presents: FIX Photo 2016

Fix Photo is an annual exploration of artists, talks and workshops. This is a fantastic opportunity if you enjoy all forms and types of photography as it celebrates subjects such as portraiture, landscape and the human form; there are no limitations within the range of work exhibited. Surrealism, humanity, emotion and abstract reality are just a small handful of the concepts you’ll be exposed too.

Marta Kochanek’s Cognitive Bodies series will be exhibited amongst over twenty other fabulous artists. Marta’s aim was to capture a very sensual collaboration of the human’s body and extreme emotions that expresses both the physical and spiritual harmony. She was to immortalise the beauty of shape, the purity of art and the uniqueness of existence.

Human’s body and its posture disclose both physical and mental mood and state of mind. All good and bad, happy and sad emotions can be read from people’s faces and the way we appear’- she says.

This event is perfect for photographers, artists and confident amateurs as you will be exposed to a range of new work, ideas and practises, as well as becoming immersed with artist talks, film screenings, book signings and even the artists latest publications being available for you to buy.

FIX Photo offers audiences the opportunity for an enlightening, enriching and inspiring journey through the diverse and tangled channels and tributaries of contemporary photography’. There will also be coffee, cocktails and beer to enjoy whilst being surrounded by thought provoking photography. This is an exciting, stimulating and educational photography event that you must not miss.  


Oxo Tower Wharf

London SE1 9PH 

13 - 22 May 2016 

Free entry 

Photo © Marta Kochanek



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