Lace frontals from Zee.elle protect hairlines whilst providing an instant beauty boost

Fuller hair can be enjoyed without damage to existing hairlines with innovative new lace frontal pieces from Zee.elle. Using the highest quality human hair, a lace frontal can be added after application of hair extensions, to protect the front of the head whilst mimicking a totally natural hairline.

A thick head of hair that is bursting with shine is often considered the finishing touch to any glamorous looks, yet it can be hard to achieve superstar style the natural way. Hair extensions made from expertly arranged human hair can instantly create a range of styles for the perfect look to be achieved by the wearer. With a thick look in favour however, these additions can often be heavy and can pull on the scalp, resulting in painful damage to the front of the hair area. 

To combat this the use of hair extensions is developing. The UKs leading hair extension supplier Zee.elle offers lace frontal hair pieces for those with hair extensions, to place over original hairlines to protect it from pull and damage and has created a video showing just how natural and easy they are to wear

Necole Frey, director of Zee.elle said, “When adding hair extensions to your hair, you want them to look real while also being easy to use and hassle free. For this reason, we recommend using a lace frontal hairpiece alongside the application of hair extensions. These quality pieces are placed over the existing hairline to allow the wearer to enjoy a full set of glossy hair, protecting the hairline whilst looking 100% natural”.

Allowing the wearer to feel confident with a thicker hairstyle without causing pain or damage to the scalp, the introduction of lace frontals is taking the beauty industry by storm. Some however still debate how real these protective pieces can actually look once applied to the hair.

Frey continued, “Many of our clients take to drastic measures such as bleaching the roots of their frontals in order to achieve a more natural look. This can be damaging to your hairpiece however and we do not recommend this action. It is possible to achieve a natural look with a lace frontal, as is proved by many experienced stylists who also love this method. With care, and less damaging products such as using your facial foundation, lace frontals can be blended to a hairline with perfection.”

Those wanting to see how lace frontals can create naturally beautiful hair can view a Zee.elle lace frontal application in this video. Using mink Brazillian curly hair, the model can instantly enjoy luxurious hair without the need for glue or tape.

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