Launch of Exciting Niche Jobs Board Helps Professionals looking for the Perfect Flexible Job

Flexible job board platform Flexiprofessionals launched recently, aiming to unite professional flexible talent and companies focused on unconventional working. Businesses seeking to locate versatile talent and flexible professionals are able to forge connections thanks to the innovative, effortless new online service. Flexible working qualifies any part time, freelance, job share, contract or remote working service and also encapsulates maternity cover and compressed hours creating a fresher and more modern manner of working.

The fresh thinking website is aimed at professionals working across a broad spectrum of industries, attracting male and female professionals seeking flexible employment. There is a lack of flexibility in many professions and aims to close the gap between professional sectors and flexible working conditions.

The site enables companies to post a job vacancy for up to 30 days or get featured and showcase the best parts about their company - the unique office space, culture and people that makes a company successful and different, whilst also allowing the business to search the site’s extensive CV database to source viable flexible professionals. Likewise, candidates can upload their CV, create an engaging profile and search suitable flexible jobs that match their specifications. Looking to utterly revolutionise the way people work, professionals and companies with unique, unusual and flexible manners of working can easily locate suitable staff on

Chikere Ekeke, Recruitment Strategist and Founder says, “Conventionally, there always has been and always will be the 9-5 worker but work is not a one size fits all arena. Flexiprofessionals is designed with flexible professionals in mind who want to work differently; whether it be a professional about to start a business but needs to work a few days a week or professionals requiring short term contract work, or those who prefer working freelance. The site is really about acknowledging the needs of flexible professionals and companies who operate a little differently and then supporting them to meet one another conveniently.

“A lot of professionals and companies express deep seated frustrations at the limitations of the traditional working world. Having recently launched in September, we don’t believe that every workplace and every worker should operate in an identical manner. Many people have alternative requirements either due to personal preference or necessity, and our site really aims to facilitate that.”

Already attracting a hoard of start up companies, the site is looking to attract further flexible professionals to entice more businesses and individuals to join the flexible revolution. The refreshing set up eliminates the hassle and drudgery of scouring high street agencies and enables workers and businesses to proactively engage with viable pools of talent to revitalise their businesses.

Chikere adds, “We really want to welcome people to a new way of working; we want to show that for those looking to work on their terms, in their own way, there are endless options out there and finding the perfect match online is so easy. There’s always talk of the importance of the work-life balance and with Flexiprofessionals, people will get just that – the work-life balance that lends itself to their lifestyle. There is not just one way to work, there are many and our website makes finding work more inclusive.”

To find out more about the flexible online service offered to workers and businesses, visit

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About Flexiprofessionals: Flexiprofessionals is designed to unite professionals and businesses with flexible working requirements to easily locate each other using the easy to use online service. Professionals and companies seeking niche services such as maternity cover, compressed hours, job shares and remote workers can easily scout talent pools, browse and upload CV’s and search for jobs and professionals in their area and discipline.