Launch of one-on-one weight loss programme aims to tackle UK’s obesity epidemic

Two thirds of Brits are overweight or obese and government initiatives have showed little signs of effectively tackling the problem. A new programme, YoYo No More, aims to help solve the obesity epidemic by focussing on educating individuals through a series of one-on-one sessions with a weight management consultant in order to encourage healthier lifestyles for long-lasting results.

The effects of obesity, such as heart disease and diabetes, are well known but many Brits still struggle with sticking to a healthy eating plan and exercise routine in the long-term, with some becoming yoyo-dieters where they regularly lose and put on weight. The 30-day YoYo No More programme hopes to put a stop to this through food education and psychology and working with clients on a personal basis to better understand their needs and challenges. On average clients lose 13lbs over the 30 days and complete the course equipped with the knowledge to maintain the changes implemented. The skills gained are transferable to family life and can help support parents that are worried about childhood obesity and want to encourage a healthier, active lifestyle too.

Deborah Purple, Founder of YoYo No More said, “I developed YoYo No More after my husband was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and my own weight loss efforts had stalled. I understand how hard it is to keep motivated to eat healthily and regularly exercise but I believe by educating people it really is possible to tackle the UK’s obesity crisis. It’s not as simple as eat less and move more, nutrition plays an important role and there is so much ‘bad’ food in our supermarkets. Once people know the effects certain foods have on the body many find it a lot easier and the one-on-one session at a client’s home ensure they feel comfortable and at ease throughout.”

YoYo No More includes ten one hour sessions over the 30 days which aim to help customers understand why they have struggled with losing weight in the past and the importance of nutrition. Clients also receive a personalised 7-day metabolism fix meal plan, a personalised exercise and meal plan and recommended food and shopping lists. Over the course of the programme a weight management consultant will help participants to ‘retrain their brain’ so that eating healthily becomes instinctive and are there to offer support and guidance throughout.

Those that join YoYo No More before the end of October can take advantage of a £100 discount on the cost of the programme fee. The programme is currently available in London and the surrounding suburbs but the organisation is working to roll-out the unique concept in the future.

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YoYo No More is a structured 30-day programme where those seeking to lose weight work with an assigned weight management consultant in the London area. The course aims to educate participants to encourage a long-term healthier lifestyle that ensures they maintain weight loss.  



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