Lavent Law Firm Handles Personal Injury Cases With A Personal Touch

Lavent Law, a new firm based in Aventura, Florida, is dedicated to handling personal injury cases with a more personal touch. Attorney Boris Lavent, the firm’s founder, focuses on personally handling all cases, incorporating home and hospital visits when required, all without turning over cases to a paralegal. The firm prioritizes clients by offering free initial consultations and not charging any fees or costs unless a recovery is obtained. With a focus on all personal injury areas including car and bike accidents, medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, and product liability, Lavent Law offers a bespoke, sensitive approach to suit the individual needs of all.

With statistics unveiling that each year more than 33,000 people die as a result of car accidents and almost 100,000 people die due to medical malpractice, Lavent Law aims to protect and represent the American public that has been harmed by someone’s negligence. Centered on helping individuals protect their rights, Lavent Law represents only injured individuals rather than corporations.

Attorney Boris Lavent said, “People who have suffered a serious injury are often frightened and confused about the best course of action to take, which is why I prioritize a caring approach. If a client cannot come to my office, I will visit the client, whether it is at their home or in the hospital, and I will fight passionately for the best result for them. My focus has always been on helping people, and that’s all that it comes down to – helping innocent people by holding those responsible for injury or death accountable.” Fluent in both English and Russian, Boris meets with prospective clients at their convenience to discuss their potential case.

The statistics concerning personal injuries are astonishing. A huge amount of people in the US are suffering due to car and boat accidents, dangerous products, and medical mistakes, which leaves them in a very precarious and vulnerable position. The aim of Lavent Law is to work with the client as a team to ensure that each client’s case is pursued aggressively. In the event that a recovery cannot be obtained, clients do not pay anything, so anyone suffering from a personal injury can feel safe in knowing that their best interests are at the heart of the firm.

Boris adds, “There is nothing more satisfying than helping deserving people after they have been through the physical and emotional pain of an injury that was caused by someone else’s negligence, carelessness, or recklessness.”

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About Lavent Law: Lavent Law is a law firm based in Aventura, Florida. With a focus on individuals rather than corporations, Lavent Law centers on personal injury claims incurred from a plethora of areas, including injuries from vehicles, medical malpractice, and product liability. Attorney Boris Lavent is dedicated to personally handling each client’s case. After graduating from the University of Miami with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Boris received his J.D., with honors, from the University of Chicago Law School.