Leading computer memory supplier highlights benefits of upgraded computer memory amidst Windows 10 upgrade

Microsoft is reportedly set to announce an update for their current operating system, Windows 10. And as a result, Data Memory Systems, one of the US’ premier suppliers of computer memory, has highlighted the benefits of updating computer memory to improve performance and increase longevity of hardware.

Thanks to rapid developments in technology, computers are often considered ‘outdated’ by industry standards after a year or two. Meaning they may not be able to run programmers well – if at all – some see replacing whole units as the only way forward. However simply upgrading computer memory is relatively simple and cost-effective when compared with buying a new machine. As only pieces of the machine is being replaced, this can significantly cut down on the time and cost implications, while minimizing disruption and the chance of files and important documents being lost during transfer.

Justin Briere, Senior Account Manager at Data Memory Systems said, “The computer world is forever changing and developing, and software leaders such as Microsoft are at the forefront of this. Regular updates and releases are imperative for companies to stay ahead of the game. However computer users must make sure they stay abreast of changes and ensure they have the hardware to run programs seamlessly. Updating RAM or computer memory is the best way to go about futureproofing machines.”

Set to come a year after it was initially released, Windows’ ‘Anniversary Update’ will bring with it a whole list of new features that respond to feedback gathered from its users. Expected updates include improved stylus-use and a focus on Windows Ink. It should also introduce extensions for Edge and upgrades for both Hello and Cortana.

Windows 10 was released 8 months ago. Offering users of Windows 7 and 8 a free upgrade, the platform went back to Windows’ basics. Reintroducing the ‘Start’ menu as standard, and had a much more familiar feel than its predecessor. And according to sources, the new upgrade will also be free for anyone who has already upgraded to Windows 10.

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DMS’ philosophy is to supply the customer with the best quality memory at the best possible price. Having been supplying the electronics industry with high quality components since 1963 and memory modules since 1987, they were one of the first original memory companies to support Apple computer – and have been doing so for over 20 years. They also support a vast array of computer memory for PCs and servers.



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