Leading computer memory supplier welcomes new ‘persistent memory’ technique

As it’s revealed that Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co. will work on improvements to computer memory in order to help companies ensure that data is not lost in the event of a power cut, Data Memory Systems, one of the leading computer memory specialists in the US, has applauded the news, signaling it as a significant mark in the data storage calendar.

The announcement comes as HP Enterprise bid to improve the dexterity of its products and distinguish themselves from competitors in the highly competitive market. The new technique involves combining two existing kinds of memory chips in an arrangement known as ‘persistent memory’. Considerably increasing processing speeds for companies who are grappling with increasing swarms of data, it is claimed that the new chips will be 81 times faster than solid-state drives in latency terms.

The technology combines two types of chips – flash memory and Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) – on the same card known as Direct In-line Memory Module (DIMM), which are normally used to connect DRAMs into servers. This technique allows for a much faster connection compared to the cards used for solid-state drives. The new cards are called NVDIMM, and come with an emergency battery to ensure that the data is not lost if the power is turned off.

Persistent memory switches data between the DRAM and flash memory chips, based on the circumstances and actions being carried out. However, firmware chips and a number of other server features will have to be updated for the server to be compatible with the NVDIMM chips. The Californian company isn’t the only one to be exploring this, however their technical contributions and substantial market share in servers, will signal a significant development for the industry.

Justin Briere, Senior Account Manager at Data Memory Systems said, “This is excellent news for the data memory industry. As more and more businesses come round to digital technology, the demands put on data storage is immense, so any developments that make storing data more effective for companies is always a bonus. HP are one of the big players in the technology field, and for them to be championing this technology is great news for the industry.”

HP Enterprise has priced the first version of NVDIMM chips at $899, with 8 GB each of flash and DRAM memory chips. In addition to this, companies, such as Micron, SanDisk Corporation, and Oracle Corporation, are also working extensively on how to use different forms of persistent memory.

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