Leading Counter Terrorism Expert Launches Training Workshop Ahead of New Counter-Terror Laws

One of the country’s leading counter-terrorism experts has created a dynamic new training scheme that will help employers and employees brush up on their new obligations linked to the new Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015.

Dean Coady OBE, an experienced former counter terrorism field agent, has created Visitor – the country’s first fully interactive and relevant extremism, radicalisation and terrorism awareness training product for lone and team workers in communities. It has been expressly created to be used by public and private sector employees, and especially those with community-facing roles, such as Home Visitors or Community Visitors.

This vital new training resource, which takes the form of a workshop, is a well-tested and highly regarded support mechanism for employees that operate within communities. Visitor has already been delivered to over 3,000 professional and community service teams, offering an interactive learning environment which helps individuals develop an increased awareness of counter terrorism issues, which in turn helps to enhance community safety by knowing how to Recognise, React, Refer or Report.

Dean Coady OBE, the creator behind this unique and effective training resource, says, “I’ve worked on the front-line within Greater Manchester’s hard-to-reach communities, and this vital experience prepared me to develop and design this crucial training resource for community-facing employees across a number of sectors. It was built working alongside fellow counter-terrorism officers, as well as social workers, housing colleagues and safeguarding professionals, we’ve created Visitor and it helps to train and prepare community-facing employees, and employers to meet a duty of care whilst aligning to the new Counter Terrorism Act.”

The new Act states that it has now been recognised that radicalisation and extremism is not just an issue for law enforcement to address, it is also the responsibility of frontline service providers, safeguarders and the community.

By taking part in the Visitor workshops, employers and employees can begin to develop relevant counter terrorism and security protocols. The workshops help to ensure staff understand the risks of radicalisation, as well as building the capabilities to deal with situations where extremism may be an issue. The workshops also ensure that all staff understand their obligations to report or refer such activity, which will be crucial as part of the new act.

To find out more about Visitor, head to the website: http://activ8change.com/visitorworkshop-2/

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