Leading locum agency supports sharing of ideas encouraged by new community ‘Among Doctors’

A new kind of online physician community, Among Doctors launched last month in the UK, priding itself in enabling a sponsor-free platform for leading doctors to share their ideas to grow their medical knowledge freely. The UK’s foremost recruitment agency, RMR Recruitment, offers a number of opportunities for training for all of its candidates and supports this new platform and the opportunity for skill sharing that it presents for medical professionals.

Unlike existing online physician communities, Among Doctors aims to remain independent of the pharmaceutical industry, giving those who join a space to collaborate with colleagues, discussing topics and industry news without being observed by sponsors. The Microsoft Innovation Center supports this pioneering platform, demonstrating the credentials of the new medical network.

RMR Recruitment Operations Director, Nicholas Cavanagh said, “Even when all formal training is completed, a well performing Doctor must be constantly renewing and reaffirming their skills and knowledge, with new discoveries and ways of working arising every day in the world of medicine. With the NHS currently experiencing strain due to increasingly complex conditions seen in patients, this need is more prevalent now than ever.”

Cavanagh continued, “We know how important it is for well performing doctors and nurses to constantly renew their knowledge, which is why RMR Recruitment offers mandatory and optional training for every worker it represents. We are happy to see the arrival of Among Doctors and believe it is a great way to spread vital industry information from physicians across the globe that will ultimately help to progress the standards of care that patients receive.”

The exciting new hub for connecting knowledgeable doctors together is originally based in Athens and it received the 3rdprize at the Investors Pitch Showcase Contest by MIT Forum of Greece. Only qualified doctors are able to access the site and no students, nurses or patients will be able to build a profile. Doctors however will be able to join Among Doctors for free. This move is to help build an exclusive platform, where only reliable and quality doctors are able to communicate and collaborate together.

Although RMR Recruitment actively supports the fantastic opportunity that Among Doctors presents to the medical community, it should be noted that there is no professional partnership, collaboration, affiliation or endorsement between the recruitment agency or its representatives or the Among Doctors company.

For more information about the leading locum agency, RMR Recruitment, visit the website: http://www.rmrrecruitment.co.uk/

Join Among Doctors here http://www.amongdoctors.com/


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