Leading locum agency urges money saved from SPT closure to be invested into staff recruitment

A unit of NHS business consultants named ‘The Strategic Projects Team’ (SPT) is to be closed down following on from what the NHS cited as ‘real concerns’ about its work. Leading locum recruitment agency RMR Recruitment calls upon the NHS to use this opportunity and invest the money saved from this closure into staff recruitment instead, in a move to help solve the imminent problems that face the nation’s health service.

The SPT is a group of around 20 individuals, with business backgrounds both in and out of the NHS. Formed in 2009 to deliver the Hinchingbrooke franchise privatisation project, the group of consultant boast that they have gone on to foresee ‘over £6bn of major projects’. A number of costly contracts had been commissioned by the unit that then led to early failure, including the Hichingbrooke deal that launched the SPT. The Uniting Care Deal, worth £800m, is another contract organised by the SPT that also collapsed after just eight months due to financial instability.

RMR Recruitment Operations Director, Nicholas Cavanagh said, “As the NHS struggles to cope financially it seems logical that organisations such as the Strategic Projects Team come under fire, with a long list of projects that have caused lots of unnecessary costs with little positive impact. In comparison, spending on agency staff, who are helping the NHS to upkeep great levels of care, is being regulated in order to keep budgets low.”

Cavanagh continued “At RMR Recruitment we are dedicated to supporting the NHS and we comply with these pay cap limitations, however we also believe in rewarding our hardworking candidates fairly for the valuable work they are giving to the nation’s health service. The huge amounts of money invested in failed projects, encouraged by the SPT, could instead be used to recruit more highly trained members of staff, to meet fair wage demands and to support the NHS with a strong and skilled workforce.”

Following on from the intended closure, the SPT state that they are committed to ensuring that any open project is supported through to completion, and after being closed down as an offshoot of the Arden and GEM CSU the team is currently searching for a new host organisation.

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