Learn How To Set The Perfect Mood With ecoScent

There is nothing quite like infusing the home with the soothing aroma from a scented candle, especially when endeavouring to create a specific mood. From the zesty and refreshing zing of a citrus scent, to the ever-enduring popularity of gentle, soothing lavender, the rich perfume of a carefully chosen candle can transport you to far off lands, exotic spaces and special memories.

The sumptuous range of scented soy candles from ecoScent is crafted with pure indulgence and can help to nurture a personalised ambience in any home.

For those with an insatiable wanderlust, simply imagine yourself sat under the cool shade of a lush Mediterranean lemon tree, in a sun drenched grove where the air is performed by the scent of citrus. With the help of ecoScent’s Neroli Flower and Sicilian Lemon scented candle, you may well have thrown your windows open to the Med, as rejuvenating aroma shimmers through the air, permeating every corner, refreshing and invigorating as it goes. The bright zest of Sicilian Lemon is complemented by the purity of the delicate Neroli blossom, honeyed and soft in its floral aroma. Perfect for creating a stimulating and enlivening atmosphere, the scent is given depth with its exquisite notes of finest jasmine and lily of the valley, which float through time and space to create a sensationally fresh ambience.

For a mood which promotes tranquillity and relaxation above all else, a Lavender Geranium and Juniper scented soy candle is an exquisite choice. The calming qualities of freshly picked lavender afford an atmosphere of utter serenity and quietude, while the warm and inviting juniper floats gently through the air, softly restoring all in its path. The unmistakeably earthy scent of geranium fuses divinely with the two, lifting the mood and striking a delicate balance between elegant poise and effervescent energy. Perfect for a decadent evening of relaxation and restfulness.

Woody, floral scents help to create a stirringly romantic air, with wistful notes of allure and sensation. ecoScent’s Vetyver and Cedar natural scented candle combines inspiration from the sultry depths of the East and the exotic shores of the West to enliven any room with its sensual and emotive scent. The musky aroma of patchouli meets the unusual fragrance of soothing vetyver and blends beautifully to set the scene for a romantic evening. Cedar wood’s classic irresistibility fuses with the honeyed tones of Spanish citrus to complete the fragrance, which will drift luxuriously and create an intense, sensory atmosphere.

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