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The number of fluent Chinese speakers in the US has risen 360% in the last three decades, and the number of people studying Chinese online has soared by a staggering 1277% in just last ten years. Already one of the world’s most common languages, more and more people are now attempting to get to grips with the complicated symbols and different tones that are specific to Mandarin or Cantonese. ChineseBookshop.com is an online  supplier of learning materials, novels, non-fiction books and other texts for those who are among the millions now attempting to learn to read and speak Chinese. Based in London, the website aims to simplify the process of ordering Chinese reading materials. The site is packed with 8,000 books across a range of different levels for those trying to learn Chinese as non-native speakers.  

China’s growing importance and status in the world we live in has resulted in upwards of 40 million people across the globe starting to learn Mandarin or Cantonese. Renowned as one of the most difficult languages in the world, with its complicated characters and various tones, Mandarin Chinese requires plenty of support for those who are attempting to become fluent in the language.

Joshua Smith, Managing Director of ChineseBookshop.com says, “I learnt Chinese at Leeds University and I found that it was impossible to find the books that I wanted to read outside of China. I decided to start ChineseBookshop.com to fill this gap . We stock a huge range of popular fiction books translated into Chinese, to make the process of picking up Chinese become interesting and fun, and we provide books with both simplified and traditional Chinese characters for learners at all levels. Most learners of Mandarin use simplified Chinese books.”

Some of the authors whose works have been translated into Chinese include authors such as E.L. James, Suzanne Collins, Stieg Larsson, George R. R. Martin, J.K. Rowling, Stephenie Meyer and old favourites such as Agatha Christie. The website boasts some of the most famous titles ever written, all translated into Chinese. The site also stocks a vast selection of original Chinese books by popular authors such as 2012 Nobel Prize-winnerMo Yan, Hong Kong Wuxia author Jin Yong, Eileen Chang and Taiwanese illustrator Jimmy Liao, for those who are ready to take the next step in their learning and read an original Chinese novel. Whether readers want a famous Chinese historical novel such as Romance of the Three Kingdoms, or even a Chinese medicine book to immerse themselves fully in the history and culture of the language they are learning, ChineseBookshop.com has the answer.

There are few  sites Chinese reading materials and the generic nature of the sites and their ordering processes do not provide the specialist assistance that many people learning Chinese require. Often people will believe that they can purchase all the books that they want on Amazon, but it’s simply not the case. Many of ChineseBookshop.com’s books are unavailable on Amazon and for those books that are available, there is usually no detailed information. ChineseBookshop.com’s range of books are classified on the site with details of which languages are used and a useful key..

For more information about the range of Chinese books available, visit www.ChineseBookshop.com

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With a vast range of Chinese learning materials, novels, non-fiction books and historical texts, ChineseBookshop.com is the premier destination for those attempting to learn Chinese. Secure online ordering and fast delivery make the site the one-stop-shop for all levels of Chinese learners.