Leather vs Fabric – Leather Ages, Fabric Wears Out

Leather and fabric have been the two upholstery materials which have battled it out for supremacy for thousands of years. The rulers of the Greek and Roman empires would originally recline on fabric sofas as they came up with medical and economic innovations that would shape society as we know it. But by the Renaissance period hundreds of years later, leather, which was previously a material utilised for shoes, armour and weapons, was being used to upholster real leather sofas. There are benefits to both materials, and both have their pros and cons, but one of the main issues to consider is the lifespan of both.

The sofa is a piece of furniture which will be used on a daily basis, most likely by multiple people, so the upholstery will need to be hardwearing and durable. Fabric sofas last for around five years when properly maintained, and at this point they will need to be replaced entirely. It is also very apparent when a fabric sofa begins to age, because the material starts to thin and wear and look ragged and tatted. It bears the signs of age clearly and obviously, and the entire aesthetic of a living room can be pulled down and made to appear run-down and worn-out by the presence of an old fabric sofa.

Genuine leather sofas, on the other hand, offer that rare quality in furniture that means they actually improve with age. When a leather sofa is first purchased, they are gleaming and new, with a strong and attractive surface and a promise to last for many years. Examining a leather sofa years down the line will show that the surface of the leather has worn in an attractive way, with obvious marks of age adding to the vintage appeal that a leather sofa brings to a home.

The staying power of the leather sofa means that it can last through multiple renovations of the home over a period of many years. Fabric sofas, whilst often considered fashionable at a certain time, often date very quickly with regards to interior design trends, and they can look out of place if the homeowner decides that they want to update their look. Leather sofas have been a staple of many interior design trends within the past hundred years, and they do not show any signs of budging as the number one choice of sofa for interior designers. They fit with a great number of styles, from classic Victoriana to chic urban minimalism, and they provide a strong starting point from which to branch out and design a living space.

Aside from the aesthetic of the sofas, there are added advantages to choosing leather over fabric. A leather sofa, when properly maintained, will last for over a decade, which is ideal for people who are making an investment in a seating arrangement in the hope that it will last and not need replacing. Fabric sofas wear out more quickly and more obviously, and for those maintaining their home on a budget, this can mean large outlays every few years simply to have a sofa which doesn’t look ragged and dated.

Whilst fabric sofas surely have their advantages, they are quite clearly a more short-term solution than the real leather sofa. Leather sofas are superior to fabric, not only in their durability, but also in their cost-effectiveness and their enduring style.

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