Leave Relevant, Future-Proof Messages for Grandchildren with SwonSong

According to the latest statistics from Ofcom, 98% of Brits aged 16-35 are now online. For the older generation this represents a future proof opportunity to communicate with loved ones, even after passing away. Innovative digital eulogy platform SwonSong is helping grandparents leverage the internet in order to connect with younger family members in a way that’s modern, relevant and personal.  

David Lamonby, Co-creator of SwonSong says, “My grandfather passed away when I was four years old and I have no recollections of him whatsoever. Unfortunately, children not having the opportunity to get to know their grandparents before they pass away is an all too common scenario. SwonSong is designed to help grandparents let their little ones know that they were loved and cherished, even if they weren’t quite old enough to understand or remember at the time.”

From email and Facebook to Facetime and Skype, the internet has reshaped the face of contemporary communication. The younger generation is now pre-programmed to be more responsive to content that’s distributed and received online. Rather than rely on handwritten letters and family photo albums, the SwonSong app allows grandparents to create dynamic digital content that will be passed down to their grandchildren after death.

Using a smartphone or tablet, grandparents can create a variety of personalised visual, text and audio files. These digital creations are then safely stored in the SwonSong cloud. When the recorder has passed away, content will be sent directly to loved ones. The digital platform is a great way to bridge that generation gap and give younger relatives a fail-safe way to remember grandparents and other family members, long after they have departed.

Scheduled delivery times can be spread over several years which means that grandchildren can continue to receive heartfelt messages long after the sender has passed away. From birthdays and Christmases to wedding anniversaries and graduations, there’s no end to the list of occasions that suspended sentiments can be received.

Ian Lamonby, Co-creator of SwonSong said, “Life can be hectic, which means that grandparents often don’t get to see their little ones as much as they’d like. SwonSong gives grandparents the opportunity to record their thoughts, feelings, emotions and sentiments with the peace of mind that when they pass away, their grandchildren will receive their heartfelt messages. Younger children can view them for years to come while older children will find them incredibly comforting in a time of sadness and grief.”

To fast-track the app to final development stages, SwonSong has launched a Kickstarter campaign. The group is aiming to raise £100,000 which will be used to complete iOS, Android and website coding, carry out complete system testing and launch the project in early October. SwonSong is offering a range of tiered rewards depending on pledge generosity.

To watch a video about how SwonSong works, go to: https://youtu.be/12VLxRCKanA

To find out more about SwonSong and how the innovative platform is set to help grandparents create lasting memories, go to: http://www.swonsong.com/

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SwonSong is an innovative digital platform that allows people to record personalised extensions of their wills using smartphones and tablets. The app aims to turn moments of sadness into moments of unity and remembrance. Messages are then stored in the SwonSong cloud and sent to recipients after the recorder has passed away. Content can be captured in visual, written and audio form. To fund the final stages of development SwonSong has launched a Kickstarter campaign.