Leicester Based Accounting Firm Makes Waves in London

Innovative accounting firm MNE Accounting is celebrating the success of its far reaching service into the capital. Having expanded its offices in the summer, the company’s full outsourcing service has garnered popularity in London causing the firm’s turnover to double since June. As the fresh face of finance in Leicester and London, the client base of MNE Accounting is ever growing and its presence in the capital becoming more prominent.

Having expanded its accounting team of 10 to 15 in the last five months, the highly heralded firm is preparing for accelerated growth having just completed a refurbishment. Adding to its portfolio of clients in the property industry, the successful accountancy service has accrued a notable East Midlands agency with around 3,000 properties and the Leicester branch of a national agency with 300 properties to its credit. With a growing London presence the company has become an affordable alternative to London accountancy agencies for many businesses.  

Tim Emmony, Managing Director of MNE Accounting said, “Our service has been working well for all of our London clients so far and we are adding new clients to our books all of the time which is hugely exciting for us. We were founded on the basis of a gap in the market located between bookkeepers and management consultants and in that gap is where we have located our niche. We realised that it is more cost effective to divide a role between a number of our professionals, to cover all essential areas. Rather than taking a ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ approach, we understand that for businesses needing full time support, we can complete the job more efficiently than a new member of staff; also saving time, budget and resources.”

The company’s unique outsourcing service ensures that clients spanning the length and breadth of the country can have their needs accounted for, eliminating many of the quandaries associated with employing a full-time staff member - including staff holidays, employee turnover and benefits. Covering a whole host of financial outsourcing services, MNE Accounting handles a plethora of business needs including data entry, bookkeeping, customer support and liaison, payroll, strategic forecasting and year end accounts.

Tim added, “So far, we’ve achieved great successes and savings for all of our clients and hope to continue to be able to do so for our London clients. As we continue to expand, we’re excited to take on new ventures and help an even greater variety of companies in London, Leicester and beyond to meet their financial goals.”

To find out more about MNE Accounting and its cost effective financial outsourcing service visit http://mneaccounting.co.uk/

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About MNE Accounting: MNE Accounting was founded with the aim of providing real value to businesses. Not just getting the job done, but enabling and encouraging clients to grow. Our rapid growth has proven that clients recognise our skill and commitment to their businesses.