Let Britain Encourages Landlords To Put Safety First

The latest research from Citizens Advice has revealed that a huge 740,000 English households are currently renting properties that present severe tenant health threats. In a bid to minimise the risk of accidents and illness the UK’s leading self-service lettings agency is urging landlords to be conscientious and safety aware when managing private properties. Using Let Britain, landlords can build direct relationships with tenants and address any issues as they arise.

Fareed Nabir, Director of Let Britain, says, “It’s disappointing to see that so many British households are parting with their hard earned cash in exchange for homes that are unsafe to live in. Let Britain is helping the nation tackle the issue head on by providing landlords with a self-service platform where they can communicate and engage with tenants at their fingertips. This way, any safety issues that do arise can be addressed immediately.”

Titled ‘A Nation of Renters,’ the report revealed that of the 740,000 households renting unsafe properties, 510,000 include children while 180,000 accommodate a disabled resident. Further investigation uncovered that the homes were fraught with a range of category one hazards. 8% were teeming with serious damp, 10% put tenants at risk of dangerous falls and 6% were excessively cold.

Despite the fact that properties fail to meet legal safety standards, landlords are still raking in an estimated £5.6 billion a year. Gillian Guy, chief executive of Citizens Advice maintains that "Rogue landlords are putting profits before safety."

In light of the new figures Citizens Advice is maintaining that private renters are alarmingly under-protected, with many entitled to rent refunds for properties that are dangerous or unfit for occupying. In a bid to improve safety and prevent landlords from collecting undue rent, the government has issued local councils with new powers. Housing Minister Brandon Lewis agrees with the charity’s concern, admitting "No tenant should expect to live in unsafe housing which is why we have already introduced a range of powers for councils to tackle rogue landlords backed by £6.7 million of government funding.”

When it comes to keeping properties safe communication is the key. Often issues are left to worsen simply because tenants are unable to raise the problem with landlords. As the UK’s leading virtual online letting agency Let Britain streamlines the communication channels between landlords and tenants. Using the purpose built platform both parties can stay in touch and raise any safety concerns with just a few clicks of the mouse. Landlords can also use the service to review upcoming safety certificate renewals, manage rental rates and more.

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