Life Solutions Specialists’ Facebook Campaign Sees Stock Sell Out

RadGadget Labs’ recent Facebook promotional campaign saw stocks of the innovative Tykhe Bluetooth headphones sell out in less than 48 hours. Over 200 sets of headphones were sold in just two days once the portable technology experts’ campaign went live.

Richard Brant, founder of RadGadget Labs commented, “It is amazing that so many individuals purchased the Tykhe headphones. It just goes to show how life changing they are. There is obviously a need for them on the market.

Facebook campaigning is a relatively new venture for the company. Joining social media platforms less than 4 months ago, RadGadget Labs experienced amazing growth gaining over 200 likes on Facebook and over 500 followers on Twitter.

The technology specialists also recently created a dedicated YouTube channel to show headphone users how to connect to a number of electronic devices. With over 10,000 views, the channel demonstrates how Tykhe customers can pair with Apple Macs, iPads and Android smartphones.

RadGadget Labs recently received a seller rating of 100% on Pinnacle Online Retail as well as being awarded a 91% customer service satisfaction rate. 

The Facebook campaign is the first time since launch that the Tykhe headphones have sold out. Inventory levels reached dangerously low numbers when launched and it seems that demand is only set to grow.

Brant added, “Our campaigning has shown us just how well received our headphones are. We can only hope that our customers continue to love what we do, because we do it for them to make their lives easier than ever.”

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About RadGadget Labs

Founded by Richard Brant, RadGadget Labs is committed to enrich the lives of technology users through the development of innovative technology. Drawing on years of customer service and internet marketing, RadGadget Labs gives everything thrill seekers need to live life to the fullest, without endangering themselves. Inspired by the Ancient Greek goddess of good luck, Tykhe, the technology specialists wish all their customers the very best in what they do and hope the goddesses’ guidance will help them live life to the fullest.



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