Linguistica International Emphasise the Importance of Women in Translation for International Women’s day

Linguistica International, a UK-based translation agency with a combined experience of over 25 years, is celebrating this year’s International Women’s Day by emphasising the importance of women in the translation industry, and business in general.

International Women’s Day takes place on March 8th this year, and will see events held all over the world to inspire and celebrate women, and all they’ve achieved. Proud of its roots, Linguistica is one business which has something to celebrate on this particular day. The company was founded by Carrie Wilson in 2006 and began with a laptop, a spare bedroom and a basic website. Today, Linguistica has grown into a multinational company, with project managers and translators all over the world.

Linguistica still strives to provide opportunities for women in business today. Of the UK core team of six staff, five of them are women. Carrie Wilson takes the helm as Director along with Jon Sanger. Laura Sizer is the Office Manager, Jo Morris handles client accounts and new business, and Cathy Swift and Amy Foster form the business development team.

For this year’s International Women’s Day, the team at Linguistica wished to highlight and emphasise their dedication to equality and equal opportunities for women in business.

Carrie Wilson, Director of Linguistica, says, “We’re very proud of our roots here at Linguistica, and we wanted to remain true to them as the business grew. I founded the company almost a decade ago, and as we expanded into new markets and took on more staff, it was always important to me that we offered opportunities for women to reach the upper echelons of business.”

She adds, “As we continue to expand and break into new markets, we’ll carry on with the same philosophy, offering jobs to talented translators, language experts and project managers all over the world, not just here in the UK. We’ll be taking the opportunity on International Women’s Day to celebrate the achievements of our fantastic staff situated across the globe.”

The scope for employing women all over the world is great with Linguistica. With a diverse network of over 2,000 professional linguists in over 200 languages, the global team combine their mastery of language with intricate knowledge of complex terminology and culture-specific phrases. With all linguists working only in their mother tongue, they provide creative, authentic, native communications for any country, and any language.

Fully compliant with EN 15038, a translation-specific quality standard that pays testament to the consistent high-quality of Linguistica’s work, and with a 97% customer retention rate across the board, Linguistica’s equality model has been hugely successful, making the company balanced, well-rounded and able to offer a multitude of services all over the world.

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