Linguistica Reports Almost 50% Growth As Globalisation Continues To Spread Its Wings

Globalisation is continuing to sweep the planet and with it comes an increasing need for expert translation services. Linguistica is at the vanguard of the trend with its team of specialist translators dedicated to giving companies a global edge.

With over 16 years of professional translation experience Linguistica offers its clients unsurpassed expertise. All of the company’s 2000 linguists are armed with a complete mastery of their language as well as an intricate understanding of industry specific terminology, concepts, colloquialisms and culture needed to create flawlessly authentic content. With a combined portfolio of over 200 languages the multi-dialect team have the skills to pull off any project.

Economic experts have pegged translation services as one of the few ‘recession proof’ industries. Linguistica’s ongoing success reflects this idea, with the company reporting 45% growth in 2014. In light of its colossal company growth Linguistica has taken on a new account manager to deal with the surge in new clients and projects. The company has also fortified its status as an industry leader by becoming an official member of the Hampshire Chamber of Commerce.

The company’s rapid growth has contributed to the industry’s cumulative expansion over the past few years. In 2010 the global language services industry was worth just over US$29 billion. By 2013 it had grown to US$35 billion, by 2014 it sat at over US$37 billion and by 2018 industry analysts are predicting it will hit a huge US$47 billion.  

One of the key factors contributing to translation services growth is the global expansion of mega corporations. LinkedIn recently infiltrated China, global cosmetics company Sephora made a push into French Canada and Starbucks now operates stores in 62 countries, including its latest stores in India. From IT and economics to coffee and cosmetics, this global expansion goes hand in hand with a need for comprehensive translation services.  

Carrie Wilson, Director at Linguistica said, “Thanks to modern technology companies of all shapes, sizes and sectors have set their sights on expanding into the international market. To engage with new customers and employees on the level that’s needed companies must arm themselves with the ability to communicate in their native tongues.”

Thanks to its commitments to excellence, customer service and value for money Linguistica recorded a client retention rate of 97% in 2014. This year hopes are even higher, with the company aiming to hit 100%.

As part of its commitment to offering clients exceptional value for money Linguistica has chosen not to increase its rates in 2015. Customers will still enjoy the same price match guarantee which offers them the complete peace of mind that they’re receiving the best deal in the business.

As well as professional translation Linguistica also offers a range of other services. These include transcreation, proofreading, copywriting and telephone interpreting.

Since launching, Linguistica has already helped a myriad of companies take flight onto the global stage. Past success stories include Santander, Orange Manchester United FC, Cupid, BAE Systems and GlaxoSmithKline.

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Based in the UK, Linguistica offers international clients a comprehensive range of translation services. The company has over 16 years of experience in the industry and is fronted by a team of over 2000 professional linguists. Together they translate over two million words a year and use their skills to give companies a global edge.