Locum agency provides remedy to imminent HCA staffing problems as population ages

A report, compiled by the Oxfordshire County Council’s director of public health, gave an insight into the alarming realities of the rapidly aging population within the UK. It revealed that a 48% increase in those aged 85 or over was expected by 2026 within the Oxfordshire region. This news comes as a concern for the already stretched NHS, meaning that further demand on the services could soon be experienced to cope with larger volumes of patients needing care for dementia, and other age related complex diseases. RMR Recruitment represents a large pool of specially trained HCA locum staff across the UK, ready to support the NHS with a steady stream of qualified staff to cope with the rise in patients.

Other statistics from a Public Health Wales report in August also showed similar projections, forecasting that more than 184,000 people would be aged 85 or over by 2036. RMR Recruitment has great relationships with a large number of hospitals and trusts across the UK, and was recently selected as a Tier 1` supplier of HCA locum and mental health nurse locum staff to the NHS Black Country trust. This partnership is just one of the many that has been formed between the leading locum agency and a wide range of medical institutions. RMR Recruitment uses its unique approach to recruitment in order to build a premium team of knowledgeable locum workers, trained in specific areas such as health and social care, and is committed to supporting the NHS throughout the imminent staffing problem it looks set to face.

RMR Recruitment Operations Director, Nicholas Cavanagh said, “The UK has always been aware of the problems that the aging population may bring, affecting many other industries besides healthcare.  However, the figures from these recent reports show just how soon it may impact our nation’s services. We already supply HCA and other specialist nursing staff to many care homes, and will continue to do what we can to help the NHS to cope with the challenges that it is soon to face.”

RMR Recruitment has been supporting the NHS, and the healthcare of the nation with its high-quality locum candidates for over a decade. The locum agency strives to develop the career of each of its candidates by matching them with highly relevant placements that are suited to their skillsets and personal needs. As well as benefiting the locum workers, this ethos means that every hospital and trust it supplies is truly satisfied by the employees they are provided. RMR Recruitment is trusted amongst the medical community, and is proud to be a member of many NHS framework agencies throughout the UK.

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Note to editors

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