London Information Design and Communications Specialists to Attend Collision Conference in Las Vegas

VISU.AL will be attending the Collision conference in Las Vegas on the 5th and 6th May. They will be exhibiting at stand M132 in the Marketing Summit on Tuesday May 5th

As an information design and communications agency providing a range of data visualization and infographics services, the company understands, first hand, the challenges organisations are now facing in a data-driven world in order to leverage and unlock the value of their data for business advantage. A recent Gartner study showed that 85% of Fortune 500 organisations were unable to exploit big data for their advantage because of the difficulties involved in the process of moving from acquiring and parsing to representing, refining and interacting with that data, which ultimately leads to faster decision making.

Data visualization helps – the explanatory side of data visualization is a powerful medium because it provides a meaningful and comprehensible reference for management, operational and technical leads to have a discussion about data together.

Filip Greenwich, co-founder said, “We are excited to be exhibiting at Collision and are looking forward to meeting with a broad range of start-ups, investors and the media.

The organisers behind Collision and WebSummit highlight a perfect example of how they have taken a data-driven approach to understanding their audience and have achieved remarkable success. Collision is now only in its second year and is expecting to receive over 8,000 attendees. WebSummit has grown from only 400 attendees to over 20,000 in Dublin in only 4 years - remarkable.”

 “We are there to meet and network with all the start-ups and help them to promote their business /services through data- driven visual communications. By being data-driven we can help them reach out to a larger audience, with more impact, through the use of infographics, data visualisation and smart social media seeding/management.”

Start-ups are an in ideal position to take advantage of the data-driven approach. The vast majority are digital natives and understand the value of data. The major challenge is how to visually communicate your message in the most meaningful, timely, relevant and impactful manner.

In the world of social media marketing, static, interactive or animated infographics continue to be a powerful way to raise awareness and share your message. A recent report by Media Bistro stated that people retweet infographics up to 832 percent more than articles or images.

Filip added, “We understand the benefits of data visualisation and we strive to work with organizations in promoting a data-driven culture so that they are guided, not dictated to bit, in order to become more data fluent and visually literate. Our mission is to democratise data visualization.”

“From a start-up perspective we’re also running a few promotions to kick start a data-driven approach to fuelling their business growth, so come say hi and talk to us about them at the stand.”

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VISU.AL is an information design and communications agency, specialising in data visualisation and infographic research, design and production. Whether you have all the data needed and simply want experts to visualise it, or you simply have an idea for an infographic, we can help you to visually communicate your message, with maximum impact, insight and comprehension, to meet your needs.