London Specialists Help Women Regain Confidence with State of the Art Hair Replacement Technology

Recent studies have divulged that over 8 million British women suffer from alopecia and problems related to hair loss, with stress touted as a key cause of women in their 20s losing their locks. As an eminent authority on hair loss replacement systems and a harnesser of advanced developments in hair extensions, Hair Development has remained juggernauts in the industry for over 50 years and offer women suffering with hair loss a plethora of solutions to boost self-esteem.

Managing Director of Hair Development, Mark Burns, said, “Alopecia and hair loss can be triggered by a multitude of causes including excessive stress or as a result of medications or hormonal fluctuations. There is also a genetic component. Hair is so explicitly tied to a woman’s sense of her own femininity, sense of beauty and confidence that often, as a consequence of losing hair, self-esteem plummets. Our range of replacement services and hair extensions are designed to rectify the physical, emotional, mental and psychological consequences of experiencing hair loss at any age.”

Experts in their field, Hair Development fuse cutting edge industry developments with the specifications of their clients to create bespoke solutions for the distressingly common issue. Offering natural human hair extensions poses the ideal solution to thinning hair creating a thicker, voluminous appeal. Responsible for the cascading locks attributed to celebrities including Kim Kardashian and Cheryl Cole, all extensions are uniquely processed to ensure hair remains in optimum condition. Available in a variety of lengths, hues and textures, any hair style can be replicated and creatively created for tresses teaming with life.

The range of highly innovative women’s hair replacement systems inspire complete confidence, including Stretch Skinvisible; designed to produce a comfortable, undetectable system painstakingly crafted to mould to the shape of the client’s head without exposing the telltale signs of wrinkling and bumping. Other efficient alternatives include laser hair re-growth therapy which stimulates growth within the hair follicle and cell. As a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure, the system alleviates issues arising from hair loss including total baldness, thinning hair and scalp ailments. The concept utilises a powerful laser light that penetrates deeply into the tissue of the scalp, stimulating blood circulation, cell metabolism and protein synthesis, typically yielding results in less than 3 months.  The Hollywood lace is also offered as an alternative to replacement procedures as an authentic looking, effortless solution with an all lace base and flowing Remy hair.

Mark added, “Hair loss inspires anxiety, depression, self-consciousness – but all of these ailments can be solved by investing in re-growth treatments or finding an authentic looking hair replacement system. We can also work alongside clients to create a tailor made, bespoke option that suits their individual specifications entirely.  It is also worth mentioning that hair loss is not exclusive to women, and we also support a large quantity of men who have lost confidence as a side effect of hair loss and balding.”

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About Hair Development

Hair Development has been at the leading edge of hair extensions, professional hair extensions systems and hair replacement systems for men and women for over 40 years.  As a world-renowned expert in hair extensions and hair replacement, we bring the latest innovations to professional salons and consumers who demand the highest quality, a completely natural look, undetectable results and great value for money.

Supplying both retail and wholesale, they claim their products are the source of many other brands’ ideas and inspiration. They have even provided hairpieces for blockbuster films including Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings, with global celebrity credentials and appearances in the glossies, including Vogue.