Lovedesh™. A New Design Brand for ‘Third World’ to Kickstart its British handcrafted indigenous accessories range.

A new, unique British philanthropic fair trade design brand, Lovedesh™, has announced today the launch of a global crowdfunding campaign to help challenge how the rest of the world sees 49 of the poorest nations on the planet.  

A labour of love for London-born, self taught British designer Yasmin Choudhury, the Lovedesh philosophy and mission is to change the way the world sees countries such as Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Somalia and Malawi.  Using the slogan ‘Let’s Travel The Third World’, Choudhury scouts out the extraordinary design, food and travel experiences that Third World or Least Developed Countries (LDC) have to offer. She has been inspired by news stories of sweat shop workers labouring in poor conditions and by the confirmation that President Obama has suspended tax breaks for Bangladesh.

Designer Choudhury travels to unearth the abundance of artisan craftsmanship and raw skill that is often overlooked under the blanket of the ‘Third World’ term. Along with a select team of British craftsmen in London, she creates handcrafted, prototype bags and purses from indigenous textiles sourced from artisans. The Lovedesh website also shares wonderful food and travel experiences from recent scouting trips to nations such as Bangladesh.  The Lovedesh Artisan Slow Wood Fired Curry™, a recipe taught to Yasmin by rural villagers, has already gotten food bloggers and experts excited following its first appearance in July 2013 at FBC5, a food bloggers conference in London.

Choudhury is now launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise enough funds to produce and retail two Lovedesh™ ranges. The first is Lovedesh Army™, a handcrafted bracelet campaign that elicits a promise from the wearer to travel the Third World and the second Lovedesh Atelier™, a range of bespoke leather totes, bags and purses.

The Kickstarter campaign has a £100,000 funding target. It will run from 13 August 2013 for 60 days.  Those pledging can choose a range of designer gifts, from exclusive preview films and a designer card holder to the Lovedesh™ Hoodie and tickets to join founder Yasmin Choudhury in the UK at the Lovedesh Artisan Slow Wood Fired Curry Experience or on a buying trip.

Yasmin Choudhury, founder of Lovedesh, said: “Third World is First World. I remember growing up feeling worried for poor nations like Ethiopia and Bangladesh.  The irony is all that most of us know about this latter nation are the tragic deaths of garment workers, floods and poverty.  But after many scouting trips out there, I learnt about their stunning design (textiles and handicrafts), delicious food (curries cooked on wood fires) and hidden travel spots. My Kickstarter campaign will help others to experience these hidden gems and start to see poorer countries in fairer terms. Plus, I guess it’s a belated gift for my late father too; he was a British Bangladeshi restaurateur who worked on a number of philanthropic projects in Bangladesh.”

If I am successful, the Kickstarter campaign will help launch two full blown handcrafted production processes that source from Third World artisans.  But first, I need to raise £100,000 and it’s a huge risk as it’s all or nothing: if I don't raise all the money, my project does not get funded.

“If it succeeds, I hope that by supplying high quality handcrafted products inspired by and crafted from artisans in the poorest nations, I can smash the stigma that such countries regularly and unfairly receive.

 “When I buy hand woven textiles from artisans, to use in my Lovedesh™ handcrafted design range, I'll be creating demand and showcasing Third World talent in a whole new way. My project might even inspire someone to wear a Lovedesh Army bracelet and one day visit a Third World country because by travelling sustainably, we can  support the local economy, which is, I think, one of the most financially supportive acts anyone can do. Simply going and seeing the reality of these destinations, which overflow with natural beauty and cultural riches will a more balanced view of the Third World nations. And to see folks out there as talented and highly skilled artisans rather than always being pitied or in crisis.”

For more information about Lovedesh or to back the campaign, visit the Kickstarter page. Follow the brand on Twitter @LovedeshScout.

For a list of current LDCs visit UNCTAD.

For photos in Lovedesh’s™ media folder, click here.  Please credit Lovedesh.

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Lovedesh™, founded by self taught British designer Yasmin Choudhury, is a philanthropic design brand for the Third World that uses design, food and travel to change how the rest of the world sees and experiences the poorest countries in the world.  Currently Lovedesh™ is creating high quality handcrafted fashion accessories and bringing The Lovedesh Artisan Slow Wood Fire Curry™ experience to the UK.