Luxury Adornment House Iconduly Unveils 2015’s ‘Piece de Resistance’

Lovers of high-end haute couture are set to swoon as a brand new fashion house launches its exquisite collection of 2015 adornments. Specialising in bespoke high heels and luxury jewellery, Iconoduly creates inimitable items for the modern woman.

Christopher-Calvin Pollard, Aesthetics Director at Iconoduly: “My vocation, my calling in life, is to revive the lost art of adornment and create exquisite treasures. I live to bring objects of beauty into this world and it brings me endless happiness to see my creations gracing the wardrobes of the world’s most discerning dressers.”

Aligned with its exclusivity, Iconoduly releases just one style of high heel a year. In 2015 the Thyrsus has stolen the spotlight, an ethereal shoe inspired by the beauty of nature. Sumptuous textures give the shoe depth and complexity, with a myriad of hand-picked luxury materials used to bring Pollard’s vision to life.

Every pair features a solid Cocobolo wood heel hand carved by master sculptor, Nairi Safaryan. The heel is adorned with a pyramid of layered pine cone scales crafted from the finest ostrich leather. Each scale is individually hand cut and stitched to create a flawless finish. Pollard then takes the shoe to new heights with lustrous 23K gold leaf leather crossings accented across the toe strap and encircling the heel. The insole is wrapped in luxurious Lelievre Paris silk/cotton blend fabric, with a choice of five colours to choose from – sage, rose, ivory, sky and gold. To ensure exceptional comfort the shoe features a full leather heel pad to get ladies from the catwalk to the champagne bar with ease.

Pollard’s attention to detail never wavers, with the Thyrsus also boasting a hand stained outsole that echoes the ostrich patterns of the scales and the rich grain of the Cocobolo hand-carved heel. There are just 51 pairs on the planet and ladies wanting to get their hands on a set are invited to join the waiting list.

While Iconoduly may operate in the luxury fashion sphere it’s underpinned by altruistic values which see all profits donated to charities assisting abused women. The brand is the first luxury company in history to make this commitment and use the world of high-end haute couture to help those in need. Profits are dispersed amongst various groups which help abused women escape their existing situations and rebuild their lives.

To make this possible Pollard has formed a Patron program. Described by Pollard as ‘champions of the arts,’ ‘dream makers’ and ‘the soulmates of masterpieces,’ Iconoduly’s patrons receive exclusive gifts and privileges in exchange for financial support. Favours include the chance to receive a limited edition pair of high heels, a hand cast bronze 2015 Thyrsus pendant, behind the scenes access to the brand, invitations to VIP events, private viewings and more.

Pollard: “Throughout history patrons and artists have gone hand in hand. They take the artist out from under the yoke of compromise and together they make the flame of human endeavor burn a little brighter. We at Iconoduly intend to carry on and nurture this noble relationship. By joining us, patrons claim their voice in the conversation of art and its place in society, and put themselves at the forefront of the contemporary renewal of patronage.”

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Under the creative direction of Christopher-Calvin Pollard, Iconoduly fashions exclusive footwear and jewellery. With a focus on creativity, attention to detail, meticulous craftsmanship and luxury materials, every piece is the epitome of high-end haute couture. The brand donates 100% of its profits to charities helping abused women rebuild their lives.