Maintain healthy levels of hydration with motivational water bottle range from HydrateM8

Those looking to form great hydration habits can do so with the help of a new, innovative water bottle design from Hydratem8. Available in a range of eye-catching styles for both adults and children, users can keep track of the amount of water they are drinking daily using a helpful monitoring chart printed onto the bottle. The useful chart coupled with the motivational slogans and upbeat imagery on each bottle can encourage drinkers to reach their optimum levels of hydration on a regular basis.

Although staying properly hydrated has an abundance of proven health benefits for people of all ages, many struggle to drink the recommended daily amount of two litres. Created by Chris Hillary, a fitness instructor, the range of quality water bottles from HydrateM8 were produced after responding to the requests of his clients who struggled to enhance their levels of fitness and health by drinking enough water every day. 

Chris Hillary Director of Hydratem8 said, “As well as simply quenching your thirst, drinking enough water every day can have a wide range of health benefits and is vital for proper bodily function in people of all ages. Making the simple move towards drinking two litres of water a day can help promote weight loss whilst relieving headaches, improving mood and reducing fatigue. Even those who think they are drinking water on a regular basis may not be hydrating their body as much as is required, which is why we added a simple water monitoring chart to our fun range of water bottles.”

The water bottles from Hydratem8 come in both adult and kids sizes, and even have a fruit infuser option available for those who struggle to drink plain water, without flavour.

Hillary continued, “Although many of us in the UK struggle to drink enough water, we are lucky enough to have easy access to vast amounts of clean, drinkable water whenever we need it. Those around the world are not so privileged, and this is a matter close to our hearts at Hydratem8. For every adult water bottle that is sold, we donate £1 to Pump Aid, a British charity that helps to provide safe water and sanitation to those who need it most.”

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Our aim is to keep the whole family hydrated.

Hydratem8 is a niche health and wellness brand offering an innovative, sleek and widely-appealing product line.

We know the struggles people face with drinking the recommended daily allowance of water, so we have made things simple. With an interactive chart this allows users to monitor their water intake on a daily basis ensuring gradual and consistent levels of hydration which will help avoid any potential health issues which are associated with consuming water too little, too much, or too quickly.



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