Mamma Mia Serves up Sensational Salads and Pasta in the UAE Heat

The temperature in Dubai is currently reaching peaks well above 40°C and the hot summer can often feel long and drawn out for the desert-laced country. Tourists and locals seek refuge during the sizzling summer months and as one of Dubai’s foremost restaurants, located inside the Radisson Blu Hotel, Mamma Mia is the ideal location to indulge in light, fresh pastas and salads to cool the palette and fulfil the appetite after a long day exploring the city in the sweltering heat.

Located on the renowned, picturesque Dubai Marina, Mamma Mia boasts an exquisite location alongside delectably delicious dishes. It is well known for its sumptuous, hearty Italian fare, including traditionally made stone baked pizzas and Arabic favourites. On overwhelmingly hot days, the restaurant also has numerous appetising options that provide a light, clean, fresh taste. Indulging in simple but satisfying salads and tasty pastas, diners can take refuge in the ambience of the restaurant which includes an olive tree at the centre and refreshing air conditioning.

Nadia M’hamdi, General Manager of Mamma Mia, said, “Many people flock to Dubai for the warm weather but they sometimes underestimate how scorching the summer months can be, particularly if you are not accustomed to such heat. Being dehydrated and overly hot can really affect appetite. Most people eat less during the summer or they understandably want to eat meals that are smaller, simpler and more refreshing for the palette. Mamma Mia is well equipped to deal with the summer and we have a menu full of delicious pastas and salads that are perfect in this warm weather!”

Mamma Mia provides a wide assortment of versatile dishes with nine salad options and seven pasta dishes available as well as an array of iced drinks and desserts to cool the taste buds. Guests can indulge in creamy Fettuccine Bosciaiola di Pollo or a traditional refreshing Greek salad before bracing the heat once again. An assortment of Arabic options for those who prefer to try local fare includes light and easy Tabouleh with its zesty flavours, and a selection of authentic ice creams and fruits.

Nadia M’hamdi added, “Traditionally summer is for lighter, fresher meals but for those that still feel in the mood for spicy lamb kebabs or huge, hearty pizzas, the option is always there! The ambience is suited to whatever food you are hankering for so you can just sit back, relax and soak up the sun.”

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About Mamma Mia: As one of the only providers of Arabic and Italian cuisine on the Dubai Marina, Mamma Mia is one of the most popular and inviting restaurants in the area. The authentic, relaxing ambience and mouth-watering gourmet food ensure that diners return again and again whether they are local to the area or on holiday.