MBJ Integrated Technologies Partner With HGV For Joint Business Venture To Source International Tech Talent

London-based firm MBJ has agreed upon an official partnership with the highly innovative investment fund HGV to partake in a joint business venture designed to aid business start-ups throughout the EU and beyond. The company is delighted to partner with the venture capital fund, having already established a specialised consultancy team to conduct the majority of due-diligence and research for the exciting undertaking.

The project seeks to boost promising technological start-ups from an assortment of European countries including the UK, Germany, Switzerland and Spain with plans to expand in 2015 by investing further afield in a plethora of start-ups in Sweden, Israel, Kenya and India. The exciting union promises to unite MBJ’s forward thinking approach with HGV’s investment into highly innovative projects, partially funding the initial design and development stages in return for equity. The hard-hitting team intends to focus on investing in pioneering, promising new talent rather than ideas to source unique creative talent worldwide.

Mr Marquardt-Baladurage, Managing Partner at MBJ says, “The union of MBJ and HGV is an exciting one and we are very confident that our new partnership will be highly beneficial for all parties. 2014 has been a dynamic, successful year sourcing new technological talent throughout the EU but 2015 is set to be even more thrilling as we increase our market share in advanced software development and explore international pools of talent throughout a range of up-and-coming economies.”

By the culmination of 2016, HGV also plans to open its fund to external investors with the partnership between the industry juggernauts enabling MBJ to recruit more key individuals from the tech-industry - uniting them with complex operations and projects on a larger scale. Renowned for its design and development of a vast array of digital products including web and mobile, MBJ remain at the forefront with their specialisms in marketing and strategy enabling their clients to remain at the vanguard of tech developments.

Further in the pipeline, the company is set to launch the “MBJ Launchpad™” in cooperation with Google Campus, early next year at numerous business schools throughout London, Berlin and Barcelona designed to support fledgling entrepreneurs in university settings. The project has already received the backing of numerous London-based Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors.

Mr Horn, Partner at MBJ added, “There are so many exciting opportunities coming our way that will make real waves throughout the tech industry. We are excited for the immediate future of the company as we complete the year and 2015 is set to be a big one for us as we source exciting new tech talent pools worldwide.” 

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