Medical Tech Expert Launches Crowdfunding Campaign For Book Revealing How to Beat Death and Live Forever

An acclaimed life expectancy and medical technology expert has launched a crowdfunding campaign to finance an insightful new book that reveals the secrets to beating the sands of time. Penned by Adrian Cull, ‘Live Forever Manual’ is a game changing resource for readers wanting to maximise their chances at experiencing the cutting edge medical technologies of tomorrow.

As an Advisory Board member of the Institute for Ethics & Emerging Technologies, Cull has a complex and in-depth understanding of the radical new technologies set to shape the face of the future. He backs this role with a position as an in-house blogger for the Live Forever Club, an association that collates news and resources related to radical life extension.

Drawing on his professional and personal experience, Cull’s book offers readers an exclusive preliminary glimpse at the emerging technologies that could drastically extend human life expectancies. Every tip is summarised into key action points for easy digestion and application to everyday life. All are accompanied by useful resources, such as product suppliers and leading academic research papers that explore subjects in further detail.

While at present the concept of immortality is fanciful, advanced new medical technologies are progressively turning the vision into a reality.  Already, multi-billion pound companies such as Google are investing millions into new intelligence designed to extend human life. Thanks to exponential growth in hardware and data, Cull predicts that the possibility of eternal existence could materialise by as early as 2035.

Unfortunately for the world’s current population, the chances of dying double every eight years. This means that even the healthiest of individuals is running a critical race against time to ensure they remain on the right side of medical advances. While the world awaits the final developments, Cull stresses that it’s crucial to act today in order to improve life expectancy.

Cull reveals how to do just this in his latest book that draws on six months of personal research. The pages of ‘Live Forever Manual’ are peppered with 101 practical tips and advice on ways humans can act now to extend their lives. For example, installing air filters to improve cardiovascular health is complemented with a link to a research paper from the Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory, as well as links to certified air filter retailers. 

“The world is on the cusp of some incredibly exciting medical technology developments, however not everyone is going to enjoy the chance to experience them. While ‘Live Forever Manual’ doesn’t claim to reveal how humans can achieve immortality today, it does unlock the secrets to extending longevity in order to reap the medical advances of the future,” says Cull.

To fund the publication of the academic piece Cull is calling on the support of fellow health buffs with a month long Kickstarter campaign aiming to raise £10,000. Cull is offering tiered rewards in exchange for financial support, with pledgers of £5 or more offered the chance to purchase the eBook for £5, pledgers of £15 or more receiving an early bird paperback edition, pledgers of £30 or more receiving a free signed copy and pledgers of £80 or more offered the exclusive opportunity to nominate a topic Cull will then include in the final edition of the ‘Live Forever.’

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‘Live Forever Manual’ is an exciting new book from acclaimed life expectancy and medical technology expert Adrian Cull. It offers readers 101 tried and tested tips on how to enhance health today in order to take advantage of the medical technology advances of tomorrow. 



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