Memory Skills Vital for Students Ahead of 2015 GCSE Changes

Momentous changes to the GCSE syllabus, grading and exam processes will come into effect from September 2015 which will require students to memorise more information than ever before.

Last year the first students took the linear GCSE exams which replaced modular assessments throughout the year, making all students sit end of year exams at the same time with no re-sits permitted. The overhaul continues, as GCSE reforms to be introduced this year means most subjects will be assessed by exams only – coursework, speaking and listening assessments and other ways of measuring progress has been scrapped and will not count towards a student’s final grade.

Carrie Starbuck, Managing Director of Learning Performance said, “These significant changes to the way GCSEs are assessed will put a huge strain on the memory of students. Many pupils take at least eight subjects at GCSE, all with multiple exams; students will have two years’ worth of learning to demonstrate in a month. Furthermore, many students feel the pressure during exam period and don’t perform to the best of their ability, meaning their final GCSE grade will not represent their true academic attainment.”

Founded by teachers, Learning Performance provides training for schools across the UK and Europe. The study skills company focuses on creativity to instil a love of learning, however they also place a high emphasis on the importance of memory techniques. Learning Performance’s creative learning strategies are based on scientific research, and can teach GCSE students the secret to retaining information and preparing for exams.

In 2014 Learning Performance teamed up with Word Memory Sports Council to hold free memory workshops in schools across the country. Chosen students attended Brain Club each week, before the top students were coached by elite memory champions and battled it out in the UK Schools Memory Championships. The final was televised on Watch UKTV, celebrating the fantastic achievements in the power of memory for school children across the UK.

Learning Performance’s involvement in the UK Schools Memory Championships is just part of its commitment to helping students of all ages reach their potential. Educators deliver a wide range of workshops specially designed for GCSE students at all levels from A* top achievers to students identified as SEN or NEET. The interactive, engaging workshops equip students with everything they need to succeed – and memory is now vital to passing GCSE exams.

From A mapping to professional memory techniques scientifically proven to work, a Learning Performance workshop is one of the best ways to prepare students for GCSEs. The workshops also delve into dealing with the stress of exams, and the fear of failure to implant confidence and self-belief at a very trying time.

Ms Starbuck added, “Memory is a skill which is now essential to students’ success, yet many schools don’t teach it within the curriculum. We can help schools equip their students with all the techniques they need to ace their GCSE exams.”

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About Learning Performance: Learning Performance is the UK’s largest study skills company visiting over 1000 schools across the UK and Europe, reaching some 200,000 young people, every year.