Menswear Start-Up Takes Innovative Approach To Improve Off-The-Rack Fit By Quantifying Body Shape

An innovative Londonbased brand is taking a radically different approach to achieving a better fit with a new sizing system that implements a “Shape Ratio” for body type. The Maestlin Shaped Sizing system builds on conventional S/M/L sizing schemes by adding an additional calculation into the design process. Derived by dividing shoulder circumference by waist circumference, the metric determines the dominance of the shoulders in order to create a tailored range of clothing sizes specially designed for modern male torsos.

Precise, accurate and designed to flatter, Maestlin Shaped Sizing garments are set to become an everyday essential in the wardrobes of men across theUK.

Maestlin has used the Shape Ratio concept to develop a classic line of polo shirts designed for men who have had to settle for a compromised fit up until now.

“We have focused on finding a way to provide men with an effective solution to clothing fit – without the expense of custom tailoring,” explains Victor Chung, the company founder. “How a shirt fits depends on the man’s body shape, and we recognized that there hasn’t been a way to quantify body shape like there is with height and weight. We want to be objective about fit, because it plays such an important role in how a man’s appearance is perceived.”   

Drawing its name from a 16th century astronomer and mathematician who enumerated the “golden ratio,” the newly-launched company focuses on what it thinks matters most in men's clothing: improved fit, high quality materials and classic designs. According to Maestlin, by allowing body shape to be measureable, individuals are able to quickly and accurately determine what body shape a garment has been designed for.

The creation of the statistical model saw Maestlin designers meticulously study the variations between different body dimensions. By moving away from the market standard of subjective body shape descriptions, the Shape Ratio provides men with a quick and simple way to find shirts that flatter their physique.

“Ultimately, our goal is to help men look as good as they can. By heeding the advice of fashion experts who emphasize the importance of garment fit and production quality, we have integrated these two elements into what we offer to consumers.

We have matched the material quality and finishing one would expect to find at the higher end of the market while delivering a consumer experience that exudes just how proud we are of what we have made.”

Maestlin’s line of classic 100% two-ply cotton polo shirts is available online for £55 each.

For more information about Maestlin and to browse the range of Shape Ratio polo shirts, visit the website at:  To find out more about individual body ratio size, visit



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About Maestlin: Founded in 2013, Maestlin is a boutique men’s fashion brand with an emphasis on creating garments that fit. Using an innovative statistical model, the brand has created the Shaped Sizing fitting system. The model uses the ratio of shoulder-to-waist circumference in order to create garments that are specially designed to flatter a range of different body types. Maestlin has launched the new sizing system in the form of a line of classic polo shirts crafted from 100% 2-ply cotton.