Mentor EU Helps Executives Fast-Track Success with Bespoke Personal Branding Service

Executives are handed a golden ticket to personal branding success this week with the launch of a bespoke service from global career management consultancy group, Mentor EU. Designed to help key persons create and execute hard hitting corporate strategies, the Executive Personal Branding Service is a savvy investment for any career driven professional.

The complete package runs for three months, during which time delegates will learn to showcase their value proposition, demonstrate authority in their field and leverage personal branding strategies to arm themselves with a competitive edge in the cut throat business world.

Beata Staszkow, Founder of Mentor EU said, “Far too many people underestimate the effectiveness of personal branding. A well thought out executive strategy will categorically enhance an individual’s career. It also arms C suite incumbents with a serious edge over the competition. Our three month package is designed to help executives tap into the benefit of personal branding with a valuable set of soft and hard skills.”

All delegates receive two 30-minute one-to-one personal brand consultations. This helps the Mentor EU team develop an in-depth understanding of strengths, weaknesses and ambitions. The information is then used to underpin the entire three month process and create a bespoke strategy that complements the unique needs of each client.  

A dynamic online presence plays a vital role in the personal branding process. Mentor EU helps executives develop an online voice with 12 blog posts based on a niche industry of the delegate’s choice. These are accompanied by 100 custom sourced industry updates to share across platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. To ensure executives can continue to create a buzz, Mentor EU provides two hours of social media training, as well as two hours of one-to-one coaching. This includes an overview of LinkedIn covering how to identify and use groups, as well as target and communicate with influential people.

Marketing to a wider audience is an integral part of expanding networks and creating opportunities. As such the package trains executives in the art of showcasing achievements to an expanded target audience.

The core aim of the 12-week programme is to help clients expand contacts lists by making meaningful, long-term and mutually beneficial connections. One client generated over 1700 LinkedIn contacts during the 12 week course, and has now increased her network to over 3000. All clients enjoy measurable improvements to their professional reputations and will often find themselves headhunted or recruited by high profile employers.

Mentor EU is currently welcoming expressions of interest from all senior executives earning above £65,000.  

Prices start at £297 per month.

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Founded by Beata Staszkow, Mentor EU is a career management consultancy group driven by a passion to help senior executives enhance their careers. The group specialises in designing and implementing bespoke career management programmes for clients hailing from a wide range of professional and management backgrounds. From finance, operations, sales, marketing, HR and IT, Mentor EU is committed to helping executives plan their futures, identify paths to success and grasp new opportunities as they arise. Services are provided in English and Polish.