Millennials can further their culinary experience with the range of cooking games from

Young Millennials who would never be without their technological gadgets in the kitchen can further their cooking skills and practice culinary processes time and time again with the range of cooking games from

Research by Google revealed that in 2015, the millennial generation (25-34 year olds) enjoyed the whole cooking process in the kitchen as much as finishing the dish itself, suggesting that learning new skills and experimenting with recipes was just as important as eating the food that is produced. The report also noted that the demographic preferred to cook with their smartphones or tablets to hand. Available to play on both PC and Mobile, the selection of cooking based titles from can help those who crave to practice their culinary skills by using technology.

Nikolai Veselov from said, “There is no doubt that a cooking craze has swept the globe, with the mass adoption of handheld technology and internet sites such as Pinterest helping to feed the interest with a huge range of recipe ideas and meal suggestions at our fingertips. This interest in cooking can be continued beyond the kitchen with the variety of food based games on offer at”

Those with a sweet tooth can head to Cake Shop and Cake Shop 2 to practice their time management skills whilst placing together different layers of scrumptious cake, ready to serve to customers. Online game Cook Donuts even provides players with the perfect recipe to bake the donuts they have been creating online in the real kitchen, once they are finished playing!

For savory treats, the Turbo range of games includes Turbo Pizza and Turbo Subs. With timings being everything when it comes to cooking, again these food based games are great for practicing tactical skills. Sending food to the future, Turbo Fiesta see’s Turbo characters Rebecca and Robert blast off into space with their burrito business, where players can help them keep their restaurant running, even with evil corporate mogul Murdoch von Simoleon doing everything to stop them!

MyRealGames is not only reserved just for food lovers, with other culinary delights on offer at Jo’s Dream Organic Coffee and Jo’s Dream Organic Coffee 2. Help Jo to become a flawless barista and learn how to make the perfect brew at 

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