Minicabster Speaks Out on Boris Johnson’s Plans to Cap Minicab Numbers

Minicabster, the leading London minicab booking service, has spoken out on Boris Johnson’s plans to cap the number of minicabs operating in London – saying it’s not about decreasing quantity, it’s about increasing quality in the private hire sector.

The Mayor of London wants to allow a finite number of minicabs to operate in the capital, which could send competition and prices soaring for regular passengers. But Minicabster, which allows users to compare quotes from minicab providers all over the capital, believe that reducing the number of cabs won’t solve any problems – the answer should be improving the quality of existing cab services.

Sadie Gee, Business Lead at Minicabster, says, “It’s great that the Mayor is so engaged with the London transport sector, and there’s no doubt he wants to make things better for passengers. Here at Minicabster, the focus is on quality, and ensuring that customer experience is the best it can be. By restricting the number of minicabs allowed to operate in the capital, the Mayor could potentially cause prices to rise so high that minicabs are no longer a viable option for passengers that want to get around the city safely, affordably and conveniently.”

She adds, “The answer is not to place a cap on minicab numbers – it’s to ensure that the operating cabs are meeting their obligations and fulfilling the needs of their passengers. By improving quality, rather than reducing quantity, we can ensure a competitive and fair industry that offers plenty of options for passengers.”

Mr Johnson has been seen as someone who wishes to protect the rights of London black cab drivers, and he has spoken out against Uber and other providers that have grown rapidly in recent years. Black cab drivers have previously argued that the lack of regulation in the industry skews the market in favour of providers like Uber – but there are those who feel that the competition is good for the industry overall.

Minicabster believes in evolution, rather than revolution – their collaborative approach to minicab comparison and booking stands apart from providers like Uber, which have been accused of disrupting the industry. Minicabster helps professional private hire firms to adapt and evolve in the modern climate, using booking apps and other innovations to level the playing field and ensure everyone has access to fast, convenient and affordable minicabs, whenever they need them. Founded in 2011, the firm has emerged as a leader in the space, despite a turbulent few years for the private hire industry.

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