Miss Fit Skinny Tea Offers 100% Natural ‘Teatox’ With Zero Laxatives After Contraception Scare

Miss Fit Skinny Tea is Ireland’s original ‘teatox’ product, with a special blend of nine botanicals working together to boost metabolisms, burn fat and reduce bloating for ladies everywhere. But the team behind the revolutionary product are seeking to reassure teatox fans everywhere, after a rival tea was found to be interfering with the contraceptive pill.

A competitor in the detox tea market recently came under the spotlight when women drinking the tea fell pregnant unexpectedly, despite being on the contraceptive pill. Experts discovered that the laxatives within the tea were flushing out the contraceptive pill – which is to be taken daily – leaving ladies with little to no protection from unwanted pregnancy.

Miss Fit Skinny Tea is now setting out to reassure their dedicated army of ‘teatoxers’ that their product is 100% laxative free. With a blend of potent and effective herbs including lotus leaf, chamomile, rhubarb root, lemongrass and the extract from goji berries, the renowned ‘superfood’, Miss Fit Skinny Tea offers perfect purity – ideal for ladies that want a true detox.

Ruth Martin, Owner and Creator of Miss Fit Skinny Tea, says, “We were disturbed by the news earlier this year that another detox tea was blamed for leaving women unprotected against pregnancy by interfering with their contraceptive pills. We’d like to take this opportunity to let the wider public know that not all detox teas are created equal – and our unique blend is 100% natural, with no additives, sweeteners, and crucially, no laxatives.”

Rather than opting for laxatives, Miss Fit Skinny Tea uses the much-feted goji berry to aid digestion and keep drinkers regular. Goji berries are high in fibre and help to prevent constipation without the nasty side-effects of a laxative – and they’re also the most antioxidant-rich fruit in the world.

The other ingredients in the delicious detox blend have different roles to play – the mighty lotus leaf helps to fire up the metabolism, a Sencha green tea extract offers a boost of energy, and a good dose of fennel and chamomile can help to prevent bloating. Each ingredient in Miss Fit Skinny Tea has been chosen for its detoxing properties, and the tea promotes health from the inside-out.

Ruth Martin adds, “Miss Fit Skinny Tea is a gentle and safe teatox. Unlike some brands that contain laxatives such as Senna in their night time teas, there is no need to swap between a day time and night time tea.  It really can’t get any easier than this. For those who simply want to nourish their body rather than deprive it, Ireland’s premier detox tea is the answer!”

For more information about Miss Fit Skinny Tea, visit the website: http://www.missfitskinnytea.ie/


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About Miss Fit Skinny Tea

Miss Fit Skinny Tea is Ireland’s #1 ‘teatox’ product, with a 100% natural formulation and fantastic results guaranteed. With free meal plans, nutrition guides and exercise challenges, the team are committed to providing a comprehensive resource for weight loss and detox, complemented by the superb-tasting tea.



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