Mobile Gaming Boom Continues To Set Gaming World Alight

The very latest figures from have shown that the mobile gaming industry is set to continue its rapid expansion and will grow at a rate of up 19% per year up until around 2016. Tablets are also expected to experience even greater growth, with just under 50% growth expected within the next three years. With the rise of cloud gaming, and experts predicting that the streaming of games, a relatively new practice, will rise by up to nine times in the next four years, mobile gaming is undoubtedly having its day in the sun. 

Nikolai Veselov, of, one of the US’ most popular gaming websites with both mobile and free online games options, says, “The rise of smartphones and tablets has seen the mobile gaming industry just go through the roof. More gamers want to be able to access their favorite titles on the go, and with the invention of such sophisticated devices and software, there are now plenty of ways for them to play their most loved games whenever they like.” is a prime example of the mobile gaming industry growing exponentially. In the past nine months they have acquired access to five titles which are available on the iOS and Android operating systems, and their selection keeps on growing. The most recent addition to their site is Zombies vs Nora, a free mobile shooter game with addictive gameplay and great cartoon graphics. Countries across the world are engulfed in chaos inflicted by a zombie virus. A small group of citizens, including Nora, who is a fierce zombie killer, must defeat the marching zombies with a blast of their guns. Weapons upgrades and gold coins keep players coming back for more and the simple premise of defeating waves of zombies provides a great way to while away a long commute or a break in revision.  

One of the older titles available from is Catch The Tune. Based on numerous titles of a similar premise, this simple yet dynamic free mobile game allows everyone to unleash their inner rock star. Launched into a world of magical sounds and funky rhythms, players will make their way through 31 different levels, catching the coolest tunes and making melodies that they will be humming for the rest of the day. This game is perfect for men, women, girls and boys alike, and will provide many hours of great entertainment. 

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