Mobilising a new generation of textbook around the world: revolutionary new application of SRS science in a mobile-textbook form

A unique mobile app is helping users learn languages on-the-go with bite-sized lessons and scientifically-proven algorithms that are the perfect fit for busy lifestyles. To fast-track Fluent Panda to consumer app stores, developers have launched a Kickstarter campaign with a charitable conscience. For every funding goal met, Panda will not only launch new foreign language content but will also release free English learning apps for developing countries. It’s linguistics meets humanitarianism in an app that rethinks the way people learn.

Designed for native English speakers that are motivation rich and time poor, Panda is primarily an innovative solution for learning a second language. Rather than build yet another one-size-fits-all, get-fluent-quick solution, Oxford and Harvard students Ollie Capehorn and Philip Seifi have created a platform designed exclusively for self-learners.

Proprietary spaced repetition algorithms are used to generate efficient reviews and ensure learners progress at the optimal pace for them. Languages are presented in interactive, tweet-length lessons that have been specially optimized for smartphones and written by experts. The entire learning process is underpinned by a gamification element that sees learners feed and grow their pandas as they improve, motivating them to study and review a little each day: the most efficient way to move information from short to long-term memory.

Unlike massed repetition where the same information is reviewed several times in a short period, spaced repetition sees learners review the same information several times, over a period of spaced out mini sessions. This technique has been scientifically proven to foster a better, richer and more effective learning experience. Marrying spaced repetition algorithms with user-friendly design and hand-crafted content, Fluent Panda actively adapts to the individual learning needs of its user, in a way that is specific to each language. As well as only showing level appropriate information, the app also periodically reminds learners of content they may not have mastered the first time round.

Co-founder Philip Seifi, who himself speaks 7 languages, said, “We’ve all been there. Sweating over self-study books, flipping through hundreds of flashcards, listening to hours of podcasts and still not being able to string together a sentence. Panda takes a new approach to learning a language and is designed to progress with users, as they improve.”

To fast-track the app to smartphones across the globe Panda has launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. For every funding goal that’s hit, developers have pledged to launch free English learning apps for developing countries. With internet connection only required for the initial app download, non-pedagogical lessons and bite-sized modules designed for busy lives, Panda is perfect for third world citizens with a dream of learning English.

Co-founder Ollie Capehorn, who speaks 4 languages said, “In developing countries, learning the English language can be life-changing. Panda is helping make dreams come true by offering citizens access to free learning tools that cater to their lifestyles and the technical challenges that certain developing countries face.”

£25,000 will see Panda launch Japanese, Mandarin and Korean, £30,000 will add Russian to the list, £35,000 will incorporate Arabic, Farsi and French, £45,000 will fund the development of Spanish, German and Italian while hitting £50,000 will pay for the introduction of Cantonese. For each milestone hit, Panda will also launch English lessons designed for underprivileged Mongolian, Russian, Farsi, Spanish and Mandarin speakers.

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Founded by two internationally-minded Harvard and Oxford students, Fluent Panda is an innovative language app built on the scientifically proven concept of spaced repetition learning. Philip Seifi and Ollie Capehorn have over five years of experience building award-winning language learning applications and online communities. Panda is the team’s first major foray into mobile language learning apps and represents a new era of education.