Money Saving Recipe App Make A Meal Launches to Cut Food Waste

Free app to help homes cook with food which would otherwise be wasted with money saving food tips and recipe inspiration

Budget conscious foodies and those looking for new ways to feed their families without breaking the bank can now get help to create delicious dishes using food and ingredients already in their cupboard with the launch of the brand new Make A Meal App.

Designed to save money on the weekly food bill and cut down on the amount of fresh produce, store cupboard staples and groceries thrown away each week, Make A Meal works like a tasty search engine. Simply input one or more ingredients and then choose from hundreds of recipes using those items, sourced from chefs around the world. From traditional British dishes to mouth watering Asian inspired cuisine, the Make A Meal App reduces wastes and can help to cut the weekly food bill.

“This app will save money on your food bill and reduce waste by using the food already in your cupboard,” said Paul Saxby who developed Make A Meal. “If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what to do with the leftover vegetables in the fridge, or are desperate to breathe new life into the odds and ends gathering dust in the larder, this money saving recipe app is perfect for putting a fresh twist on underappreciated staples. 

“Simply tell the search engine one or more ingredients you have hanging around to view matching recipes, then Make A Meal. There are 1,000 recipes to choose from with dishes to suit every diet, including vegetarian and gluten free options.”

The Make A Meal App is compatible with iPhone and iPad so it can even be used for inspiration during the weekly supermarket shop. A total of 150 recipes are available to browse for free, with an in-app purchase of £0.79 unlocking the remaining 850.

It has won both the UK and US App Design Awards Best Cooking App titles.

Food waste is a huge and growing problem in the UK with the charity Love Food Hate Waste estimating that seven million tonnes of food and drink are thrown out by households around the country each year. Around half of this food is edible. The wasted food bill tops £12.5 billion pounds per year, costing the equivalent of £470 per household for those with no children, and £700 a year in homes with children.

“Fresh fruit and vegetables are typically the items that are most neglected and make up a huge chunk of the nation’s unnecessary food waste,” said Paul Saxby. “Other offenders are cakes and breads. Whether it’s making a hearty stew or a delicious bread pudding, Make A Meal App provides lots of inspiration for using up items such as vegetables in delicious, healthy and creative dishes. It’s an easy way to tackle food waste before it becomes a problem by giving simple instructions and easy to follow recipes for lots of products that normally get shoved to the back of the fridge or cupboard before finding their way into the bin.”

Download the app for free from the App Store or visit to find out more. 

Food Waste Facts (Source: Love Food Hate Waste)

  • 50% of all food waste in the UK comes from households
  • We throw away 7 million tonnes of food and drink each year
  • Half of this wasted food and drink is still consumable
  • Fruit, vegetables, bread and bakery items are amongst the most commonly wasted food products
  • The UK throws away more food than packaging every year
  • Households without children waste £470 per year on discarded food
  • Households with children throw away £700 worth of food per year
  • If food waste was stopped, 1 in 4 vehicles could be taken off the road


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