Monster Math educational app now raising funds on Indiegogo

Proven to help kids improve their math skills, Monster Math is both a fun digital edu-game for students, and a diagnostic tool for parents and teachers. 

"Some students develop a mental barrier towards mathematics," explains game developer, Rod Cummings. "This is the result of their misunderstanding or missing a basic concept before moving onto other math skill sets."  Inspired by this, he designed Monster Math to pinpoint exactly which of these foundational concepts each player is missing, and strengthen them. By playing the game for only one hour a week, students from K to Grade 12 can cover the entire year's curriculum for their school district, and enjoy a smoother academic journey.

Originally a board game developed with teachers and tested in schools, Monster Math is set to be transformed into a digital format by January 2014, pending a successful campaign on Indiegogo. Until October 13, backers have an opportunity to make this unrivalled educational tool available on laptops, tablets, smartphones and PCs.

The app will include different play modes:  a pass-and-play mode with multiple players using the same device, and an asynchronous mode with users playing together on a number of different devices. "Monster Math was developed in a teaching laboratory, and refined using statistical techniques, to ensure that all players enjoy an equal chance of winning, regardless of differences in grade level and academic ability," explains Cummings.  This means that students of different skill and grade levels - and even their parents - can play together. 

Monster Math keeps track of every question, in every game, analyzing exactly which basic principles are stumping each player.  When in pass-and-play mode, everyone can assist each other with explanations, or learn basic math concepts from the advanced questions posed to the other players. The game also motivates students to discover solutions, when they might not otherwise have tried, simply because it's fun.  

"We are incredibly excited about the possibilities of launching the Monster Math app," concludes Cummings. "That means it can be used to help kids all over the world get interested in math and see it as an enjoyable subject rather than one to dread."

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Rod Cummings, LinkedUp Learning Founder, Monster Math Developer