Multi-stacking Analog Extender Set to Take Gaming Market by Storm

Gaming is set to hit a whole new level this year with the launch of a brand new Xbox One and PS4 compatible product from leading European retailer, Gamer Gear. Innovative, intelligent and engineered to enhance play while offering unprecedented comfort, THUMSTAX is set to emerge as 2015’s must sell accessory for gaming retailers across the nation.

The product is essentially a multi-stacking analog extender available for Xbox 360 and PS3, with Xbox One and PS4 versions coming soon. Unlike other gaming accessories on the market THUMSTAX is by no means a gimmick. Designed by the best gaming gurus in the business, the state-of-the-art eSports Tournament legal product offers players a range of high performance benefits.

The functionality behind THUMSTAX is based on cold hard science. While the curve length of a standard analog stick is 16mm, a single THUMSTAX allows players to increase curve length by an additional 5.3mm. For every 1mm increase in curve length players enjoy a 6.25% boost in potential aiming speed and accuracy. This means that using just one THUMSTAX can increase in-game skills by a huge 33%.

One of its key functions is the ability to bring an enhanced element of precision to analog movements. This translates into enriched play for a range of different genres including better aim in shooting games, smoother driving in racing games and augmented control in complex scenarios encountered in role playing titles. For shooting games in particular, THUMSTAX has helped improve the K/D ratio of thousands of gamers worldwide, giving them the edge over gamers with standard controllers.

Another major benefit is the potential to enhance physical comfort throughout the duration of play. The extra height offers more leverage which reduces stress on the thumbs and gives players the flexibility to stack the analog to their preferred height. This quashes the generic ‘one size fits all’ policy and gives every player the freedom to customise their controllers. 

THUMSTAX features the same ergonomically designed analog heads as the original controllers. This allows players to hit buttons quickly, without having to navigate their thumbs around larger analog heads which some competitive products feature. This saves gamers nanoseconds in time, which every gamer knows can make an invaluable difference between success and failure. THUMSTAX engineers have also adopted a slight convex shaped analog head which helps to reduce the dead zone feel of some controllers.

Thanks to the precise analog movements and improved comfort, THUMSTAX allows gamers to play for longer. The product minimises the risk of thumb fatigue, fosters longer practice sessions and helps players climb up the rankings quicker. 

Steven Tomkins, Managing Director of Gamer Gear said, “Thumb fatigue is a serious form of repetitive strain injury faced by professional gamers and diehard gamers alike. As an affordable eSports Tournament approved product THUMSTAX offers a state-of-the-art solution that every gamer can enjoy.”

In light of THUMSTAX’s huge market success, Gamer Gear is currently in the process of developing a range for the new generation consoles. Gamers can choose from a range of on-trend colours including Classic Black, Bubblegum Pink, Blood Red and Ghost White.

THUMSTAX is currently available to purchase on the Gamer Gear website as well as Amazon and eBay. Gamer Gear is also welcoming enquiries from retailers interested in stocking what’s sure to be 2015’s best-selling gaming accessory.

Mr Tomkins said, “We’ve already had a huge amount of interest in THUMSTAX and we’re anticipating that 2015 is going to be our biggest year yet. We’re encouraging retailers to get on-board, boost their profits and be a part of the THUMSTAX revolution.”

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About THUMSTAX: Developed by leading online gaming retailer Gamer Gear, THUMSTAX is an innovative product designed to enhance the player experience. Using intelligent stacking technology the product attaches to the analog stick and allows players to increase curve length in 5.3mm instalments. For every single THUMSTAX players enjoy the potential to increase aiming speed and accuracy by 33%. All THUMSTAX products are developed and manufactured in Britain and comply with BS EN 71 standards.