Launches Interactive Practice Tests Center brings back the joy to take the ACT test by offering a new style of ACT practice tests and using revolutionary and unconventional new techniques. Students and professional instructors alike are agreeing that new online training methods provide highly effective learning options for students looking to improve their existing knowledge and skills. has also designed free practice tests for the Regents exams to support NY students in their efforts to get ready for this challenging multiple choice readiness tests before they apply for real.

The ACT is a standardized paper-based test that is nationally used by colleges to measure knowledge and skills of applying students. In general, students will take the ACT during the spring months in their junior year. This will allow them to apply to their preferred college during the summer months, or have sufficient time left to re-take the ACT test in the fall months of their senior year in case they are not happy with their scores. Many students, however, are afraid that they won’t be able to deal with all of the test’s questions. The ACT practice tests developed by, are aiming to deal with those concerns by providing online practice tests at no charge.

The ACT practice tests provided by MyCareerTools include an appropriate number of questions that are in line with the most recent version of the ACT test and are covering all categories that are addressed at the actual ACT test. The questions include word knowledge, arithmetic reasoning, paragraph comprehension, verbal expression, and math knowledge. The questions on the ACT test are not radically different from what most students are already familiar with, but a lot of students are fearing the unknown or, and this is more important, are using the ACT test’s results for guidance towards proper career paths.

A spokesperson for MyCareerTools explained, “Our free ACT practice tests were developed to help students understand and get accustomed to the kind of questions that will be asked on the actual ACT test. Now no student will have to go into the test without knowing how the test is structured. It goes without saying that the particular questions on each individual test will vary because no standardized test is using exactly the same questions, but our ACT practice tests will help students become more confident and enhance their level of knowledge. This way of preparation will be helping them in a great way on the actual ACT test. For students looking to attend a college, the ACT test may be life-defining, and that’s the reason why it is so important that we are providing these online practice tests.”

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