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Gaming fans get a buzz of excitement this April with a whole host of new games, available now for free on With classic puzzle, defence and strategy games launching, there is something to whet the appetite of every gamer this month.  

Study the incredible wonders of the world through the highly visual jigsaw game ‘1001 Jigsaw Earth Chronicles 2’. Fans of the first offering of the Jigsaw Chronicles will know the delights that the game brings, allowing players to learn about exciting new animals, plants and other fabulous creatures that live on planet earth, all while piecing puzzles together. With 1001 unique photos within each game, there’s something to keen even the most avid of puzzle pros busy all month.

For those who like puzzles but want to be challenged by something different to the norm, ‘Sakura Day Mahjong’ promises to put even the most logical minded players to the test. Based on the popular Mahjong game of 18/19thcentury China, gamers are invited to make their way through the mysterious and beautiful land of Asia whilst assembling Mahjong puzzles. There are a number of difficulty levels to conquer.  

Nikolai Veselov from said, “The new games on offer this April are certainly an exciting bunch. At we pride ourselves on always providing a diverse set of titles, keeping up with the latest happenings in the gaming industry and most importantly, providing our customers with what they desire, absolutely free of charge.”

Those visiting through the month will also find their thrifty problem solving skills challenged. Gamers can help Scarlett find treasures scattered around a tumbling down 19th century manor in ‘Manor Memoirs’, also new this month. Locate the valuable antiques and help her sell the goods to raise money and return the manor to its former glory. Be careful though, you never know what could lurk around each dark, dusty corner…

From dark and dusty to bright and thriving, budding engineers and ecologists can create a flourishing eco city in ‘Green City: Go South’. The engineer within can be unleashed in this time-management city build game.

Finally, those with fire in their belly can defend a newly discovered valuable mineral, lurking within the depths of the Dwarfish Caverns. Lay clever traps, curses and use elemental powers strategically to plan a defense against anyone who dares try to plunder the Caves in this classical fantasy thriller.

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