MyRealGames helps inspire green-fingered kids with range of garden games to play this summer

Parents can get the seeds and watering can at the ready, as leading free-to-play gaming website MyRealGames is sparking off an interest in gardening this summer. With a range of exciting outdoors based titles ready to play online, green-fingered children can be inspired to head outside after playing the fun garden games available on

As summer descends and children are left with hours of free time to fill, many parents encourage their kids to head outside in the warmer months. Coming to an agreement can be hard however, with many young people preferring to stay indoors with their technological tools. A visit to can please both parties, as children can gain an inspiring insight into the great outdoors with the selection of great garden games available to play online.

Nikolai Veselov from said, “As we welcome in the summer holidays, we know how much of a struggle it can be for parents to encourage their children to head outside when there is a whole host of electronic gadgets to play with instead. The range of garden based games at MyRealGames could be a great introduction to the fun that is waiting to be had outdoors! All our games are bite sized chunks of entertainment, and can be enjoyed and completed in a short space of time, meaning your children won’t be glued to a computer endlessly. Inspire your kids gardening interest with a fun garden game, and soon too they could be heading outdoors and reaching for the rake!”

For those who like to solve clues, Gardenscapes combines the hidden object game genre with natural surroundings. Learn about the tools needed to create a great garden, as players are asked to search the cluttered rooms of a mansion for garden items and accessories. With over 1000 items to find and 15 rooms to hunt through, there is so much to explore in this beautiful game. Once the objects have been discovered, creativity is put to the test as the race is on to build an entry to the city’s ‘Best Garden’ contest!

Children can open their eyes to the magic that lies outside in Gnomes Garden. As the king’s beloved garden has withered up due to the warm summer weather, the princess calls upon the helpful garden gnomes to repair the royal parks. This fairytale adventure sees players planting trees, building roads and other tasks involved in getting a garden blooming again. After experiencing the fun and learning the skills in this game, parents may be left with their own garden gnomes to help upkeep their royal gardens too…

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