MyRealGames provides downloadable titles for gamers troubled with internet latency

Gamers who are fed up with interrupted gameplay due to slow loading internet speeds can enjoy the benefits of free-to-play gaming without the need to stay online with one of the downloadable titles from MyRealGames.

With the ability to play across desktop or mobile platforms, and without the high price tags that can come with traditional gaming, more and more people are choosing to play games over the internet to keep them entertained. Although many have access to high-speed Wi-Fi systems, problems can still occur with download speeds which can results in latency issues experienced by virtual gamers.

Most games often operate on a fast-paced basis, meaning lagging issues, time jumps or failure to load can disrupt the level of gameplay and ruin enjoyment for the player. So much so, that online gaming customers are twice as likely to abandon a game when they experience a network delay of only 500 additional milliseconds.

Playing the range of downloadable titles from MyRealGames can allow any gamer frustrated with their online experiences to enjoy stress free gaming once more.  Free to play and without advertisements, one a title has been downloaded onto a desktop, it can be enjoyed time and time again without the reliance on a speedy internet.

Nikolai Veselov from said, “As the whole word moves online, it is no wonder that the gaming industry has drifted the same way. With sounds, music, multiple levels and high quality graphics however, a gaming file can often be quite large, resulting in latency problems during gameplay. Although this causes irritation, many gamers put up with these problems due to the low cost gaming that playing online offers. Choosing a downloadable title from MyRealGames can create a seamless gaming experience, whilst being totally free to use.”

There are pages and pages of downloadable titles to browse on, covering many varieties such as racing, puzzle, hidden object and shooting. No matter the gaming preferences, any frustrated online player is sure to find an easy to use, downloadable alternative title to play on

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