Nashville Recording Artist Ali Grayson Releases New Music Video For New And Pregnant Mothers

This mom wrote a song for her baby and shot the video while pregnant.  The result will make you cry happy tears.  

Colorado songstress Ali Grayson has released a brand new video to her song We’ll Count the Stars this week, and Moms everywhere are bound to love it. The singer songwriter penned the lyrics while she was pregnant with her first son, and shot the video while she was carrying her second, bringing her entire family together in one sweet video.

Ali’s latest single is available to buy on iTunes and the heart-warming video is now up on YouTube. Her original and honest lyrics, which Ali Grayson is known for , shine through more than ever in this adorable piece of music. The song expresses Ali’s excitement of meeting her unborn baby, with earnest lyrics such as “I can’t wait to meet you, someday we’ll count the stars.”

Ali Grayson, singer songwriter said, “Out of all the songs I’ve written, this is one of my absolute favourites because it is so personal and special to me. I’m sure many Moms around the world can relate to my feelings of excitement and anticipation when I was pregnant – it’s difficult to describe the amount of love you feel for someone you’ve not even met yet. But hopefully this song does just that.”

We’ll Count the Stars possibly has one of the cutest videos of all time, but Ali Grayson’s other tracks are also a treat for the ears. Her music can be described as honest songs birthed from the joy and sorrow of living, leaving listeners feeling a rollercoaster of emotions with every tune. With soulful vocals, easy listening melodies and honest lyrics, Ali Grayson encapsulates some of life’s most poignant moments in her music.

The latest single from Ali Grayson is a moving piece of music taking listeners on a journey of pregnancy and early motherhood – it’s perfect for sharing with like-minded people on your website. Feel free to use the video for an uplifting blog post or content to share on your website and social media channels – it will strike a chord with Moms all over the world!

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Ali Grayson is a Nashville recording artist living and touring in Colorado, US. She has independently released two studio length albums and has had her songs featured on a national television network. Ali’s new single about meeting a new baby, We’ll Count the Stars, is out now and was penned while she was pregnant.