Following the implementation of the National Living Wage this month, a catering recruitment specialist has announced that all of their staff will benefit, whatever their age.

The new National Living Wage entitles workers who are 25 and older to £7.20 per hour – a pay rise of 50 pence.

But, Directors at the London-based Urban People felt that paying some staff more than others, based on their age, was unfair. So, to tackle the problem they made the ground-breaking decision to help ensure fairness for all by paying all of the staff the higher amount.

Jo Fowle is one of the Directors at Urban People. She said:  “We’ve been recruiting and providing staff for the hospitality industry for quite some time now, we know how very hard everyone has to work. Sometimes the hours can be long and there’s nearly always something going on to make life busy.

“In order for things to go to plan it’s important that everyone pitches in and works well together as a team and to help ensure that happens we believe it’s vital that all staff feel valued and rewarded for their efforts. That’s why, from this month, we will be paying all of our staff the new living wage regardless of age.”

Despite the National Living Wage coming into effect from the beginning of April 2016, the minimum wage will stay the same. And, while in October it will rise to £6.95 per hour for 21-24-year-olds, £5.55 per hour for 18 – 20-year-olds and £4 per hour for 16-17 yrs olds, it still doesn’t compete with the higher rate of pay for the older age group who are entitled to the National Living Wage.

Jo added: “We know that people don’t all of a sudden start having bills to pay when they hit 25 and the cost of living can affect anyone the minute it becomes a fact of life. So the 16-year-old school leaver can easily be in the same boat as someone older.”

“Age shouldn’t come into how much you earn and we believe that everyone should have the chance to be paid fairly.  At Urban People we have taken a strong stance to support young workers in their efforts, in the hope that the industry will recognise the commitment and hard work of all their employees regardless of their age.”

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