Nationwide Car Hire Releases Advice for Hassle-Free Holiday

Holiday season is on the horizon and across the UK Brits will be planning how to make the most of the summer months. In the lead up to the rush, Nationwide Hire is encouraging holidaymakers to consider the convenience and cost effectiveness of car hire, particularly when it comes to transporting families or large groups.

Anita Teague, Marketing Manager, said, “ Whether it’s a pair of honeymooners en route to the romantic Italian countryside, a group of friends bound for France or a family heading off to a British seaside resort, car hire is the key to a flexible, convenient and cost effective summer holiday.”

While public transport does have its merits getting the whole family from A to B can be problematic. When there are little ones to worry about, as well as bulky items such as strollers and baby bags to carry car hire is far more convenient. The same goes for organising large groups of people with mountains of luggage. Not to mention the prices involved with booking multiple train, bus and plane tickets. Instead, hiring a rental car is a safe, easy and efficient alternative. To help ensure its customers enjoy the smoothest possible car rental experience this summer, Nationwide Hire has put together an insider’s guide to pulling off a hassle-free holiday.

Look for a better deal

Shopping around can save summer holidaymakers hundreds of pounds which could be spent on accommodation upgrades, activities and other luxuries. It pays to shop around and find a provider that offers deals from a wide range of suppliers.

Be aware of what’s included

Before signing up for a car hire deal be sure to understand exactly what’s included in the price. Many companies don’t offer unlimited mileage and charge extra for delivery and collection. This can soon see prices skyrocket.

Understand insurance

Insurance is an absolute must when hiring a rental vehicle. Before getting behind the wheel understand exactly what’s covered and what the process is should you have an accident. If you’re a corporate customer, Nationwide Hire is currently offering 20% off for drivers that bring their own personal or business insurance policies.

Be honest

If you’re planning on driving your vehicle to a different country, going off-road, taking it on a ferry or naming a different driver, make sure you inform your rental company. Ventures such as these can require a different insurance policy and it’s critical to be covered.

Give the vehicle a once over

Before driving out of the rental company car park give your vehicle a once over and take note of any existing damage. This could be dents, scratches or interior stains. Let your supplier know these are pre-existing so they aren’t incurred as an expense on your insurance policy.

Be prepared

If you book your rental vehicle online you’ll generally need to collect it with the same credit card you used to make the booking. You’ll also need a valid drivers’ license, as well as the right documentation if you plan on driving in a different country.

Watch out for scammers

One of the fastest ways to ruin a summer holiday is falling victim to a bogus rental company. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Always look for certified dealers affiliated with leading names such as Budget, Thrifty and Europcar.

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