Nationwide Hire Warns Europe Bound Motorists to Be Vigilant This Summer

Summer holiday season is about to hit and Nationwide Hire is urging all travellers to exercise caution when renting a car abroad. With a myriad of old tricks and new cons used across the continent, far too many Brits find themselves out of pocket. To help holidaymakers enjoy stress free getaways, the nation’s leading car hire company has put together a list of common qualms that customers should look out for this summer.

Anita Teague, Marketing Manager at Nationwide Hire said, “Far too often we see British drivers opting for the cheapest prices, only to find themselves paying far more than what a trusted company could have offered them. Rather than risk falling victim to foreign scams we’re urging all European bound holidaymakers to be vigilant this summer. Or even better, rent a Nationwide Hire car close to home and enjoy the total peace of mind that they’re receiving honest, transparent pricing systems accompanied by quality vehicles and exceptional customer service.”   

One of the key areas of concern is the failure of cheap car rental companies to include collision damage waivers in their quotes. When customers arrive at their destinations they’re then forced to take out sky-high policies on-top of what they’ve already paid. Another common trick is neglecting to inform drivers that insurance policies don’t cover everyday incidents such as chipped windscreens, damaged tyres and scratches to paintwork. This means that even with basic cover costs can still soar.

Vacationers planning on venturing further afield are often shocked to find that there are mileage caps on car hire contracts, with extensions costing an arm and a leg. Exorbitant additional driver fees are another all too familiar setback, with many companies requesting unfair levies. Extras and add ons will often be sold at hugely inflated prices that exceed the cost of purchasing the item outright within a day or two. Fuel policies are also a key area of confusion, with many companies deliberately failing to inform customers of the extortionate fees associated with returning the car with an empty tank.  

Worst of all, many Brits often find themselves conned by bogus car hire companies that simply don’t exist. After booking and paying for a vehicle online, holidaymakers arrive at their destination only to find that the company is a complete scam.

Rather than attempt to mislead customers, Nationwide Hire is committed to offering Brits the best deals on rental vehicles, backed by a transparent pricing structure and no hidden fees. With the option of adding on European cover, the company’s vehicles can be picked up on British shores, then driven to any EU member state. Thanks to standard Nationwide Hire Comprehensive Insurance policies drivers enjoy the total peace of mind that any incidents will be 100% covered. Unlimited mileage means travellers are free to roam as they please while an affordable fee for additional drivers means wheel time can be mixed up throughout the trip. Whatever the destination, there’s simply no better way to get there than in a Nationwide Hire vehicle.

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