Nature inspired lighting bring the outside inside

A new name in lighting solutions launches this week with a covetable range of beautiful products each designed to bring nature from the outside, in. Erzetich has harnessed the au natural trend, with a series of stylish lighting products for family rooms, studies and bedrooms.

Erzetich effortlessly blends nature, design-led craftsmanship and functionality to create unique end products with a sophisticated twist. The three handcrafted pieces - Tilia Tower 1000, Tilia Tower 500 and Tilia Square 130 – are made from aged wood, fusing a rustic aesthetic with modern silhouettes and contemporary dimmable LEDs. The Tilia Tower 1000 and the Tilia Tower 500 are corner floor lamps, while a versatile shelf lamp, the Tilia Square 130, rounds out the trio.

Versatile, unique and made in small quantities, each light looks beautiful against classic, modern and minimalist backdrops. The trip of designs can be used to liven up a room but also add a warm, inviting focal point that stands alone as a piece of decoration in its own right.

Blaz Erzetic, owner of Erzetich, said, “After working for years with audio equipment I decided to expand and create a range of other products for the home. The materials I use to make the lighting options combine to create a rustic feel that’s mixed with contemporary technology. The Erzetich workshop is surrounded by nature and beautiful views and all of our pieces reflect this in their aesthetics.”

Erzetich’s lights are purposefully handcrafted in the forests of Slovenia, lending an authentic artisan edge to each lighting object. Because they are made by hand in small quantities, design fans can be sure they are receiving a unique and exclusive item guaranteed to add an inimitable edge to any space.
The wood used to carve out the base of the Tilia range is artificially aged using a proprietary system to give it a dark and rich tone. The three products in the range incorporate dimmable LED technology to give flexibility when it comes to setting the brightness of a space.

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Erzetich is a small company based in the woods of western Slovenia. The firm is divided into two sectors, audio and homewares. All of Erzetich products are handcrafted and combine design, creativity, functionality and technology to create unique products. 



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